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How to create the illusion of space in a small bathroom

 Bathroom on the bijou side? There are ways of making it look bigger than it really is. Find out how:


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Many of us have bathrooms that are less than generously sized, but it doesn’t mean you have to put up with feeling hemmed in. Employ a few clever design tricks and your closet-sized space can feel palatial.

Consider the colour scheme

A colour basic for you: light shades will appear further away from you, darker tones will appear to advance towards you. So, if you’ve used dark paint or tiles on your bathroom walls, now’s the time for change.

Don’t fret that your room is going to end up looking clinical, though. If you use white, textured finishes will bring decorative interest to your room. Check out the Janssen tile range 

Can’t give up on colour? We’re not forcing you, honest. Instead think pale tints of any colour you like over large areas. You can still use bold shades in your scheme, too, but stick to pops of colour for towels, storage accessories, artwork, and decorative pieces.

Light it brightly

You also need to think about your bathroom lighting to create the illusion of space. Shadowy corners will make the room seem smaller, so add other sources. ‘Use under cabinet, recessed and semi-concealed lighting solutions to provide the suggestion of light, rather than the in-your-face variety,’ suggests Declan Curran, Founder, HomeFix-Direct 

With our yellow health and safety helmets on, we just want to remind you that all bathroom lighting needs to be suitable for the zone or area of the room it’s in, so check before you buy.

Think finishesHigh gloss finishes aren’t just good for a modern look – they’re a great way to bounce more light around the room to cheat your way to a bigger bathroom. Choose storage furniture such as our Burges range  in place of matt pieces.


Hang mirrors

It’s a trick luxury hotels use often, and there’s no reason not to employ it for your own five-star bathroom. A large mirror along one wall will increase the light in the room and visually expand the space. You can also place a mirror opposite another mirror for infinite – space-stretching – reflections.

Leave the floor free

Swap a pedestal basin for a wall-hung design for great results. ‘If you can see all of the floor from skirting board to skirting board, then your eye tells your mind that you’re standing in a spacious room,’ says Declan

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