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How to get a bathroom that doesn’t look like a bathroom

1_Little Greene_Bathroom
Left wall painted in Grey Teal 226; right wall painted in Inox 224; floor painted in Shallows 223, all Little Greene 

Is your bathroom a functional wash room? Would you rather it made a style statement? Find out how to take the emphasis away from the practical and play up the star quality instead. 

Sacrifice a bedroom

A generously sized space is a good starting point if you want a bathroom that doesn’t look like a bathroom, so think about changing the function of a bedroom. We certainly wouldn’t advise this if you’re thinking of moving soon, but if you’re staying put for many years to come, throw caution to the wind and use your home in the way you want.

Include architectural features

Got a bedroom with a fireplace you’re prepared to sacrifice to the bathroom cause? Even better. Great-looking features are a huge plus point. A ceiling rose, elegant coving, a picture rail or a dado rail all look fabulous, too, so leave them in your ex-bedroom, repair them if necessary, or fit new (but authentic-looking) versions.


Choose a shapely bath

The most beautiful element of a bathroom? It has to be the bath, but we’re not talking a straight bath on this occasion – practical though it is for a family room. For your bathroom to look stunning, you need to pick a freestanding bath with sculptural qualities, such as our Maderno. Think elegant curves whether for a symmetrical or asymmetric design. [pic 2]

Try a space-saving design

If you don’t have the room for a freestanding bath, there’s another option. A back to wall bath has the appearance of a freestanding design, but (the clue’s in the name) it’s flat at the back so it tucks neatly against the wall. One of these beauties will give you a wonderful focal point that says style instead of function.

Lose the Boring wall tiles

Tiles will protect your bathroom walls from splashes but, let’s face it, they’re a dead giveaway when it comes to the overall impression of your room. To put the focus on the space as a great interior, paint the walls in an on-trend colour way, hang a wallpaper with an amazing motifor – even better – get moral printed tiles.


Introduce seating

It’s a good idea to make space for furniture that isn’t specifically for a bathroom to make your room look more like a living space. Try adding in a comfortable armchair that faces a view or, if there’s not enough floor area, a side chair takes up less space and still strikes the right note. Just as with the bath, think elegant silhouette when you’re picking a chair – and why not go for a design classic like the Panton S? This is from Story North. [pic 3]

Style your room

You wouldn’t leave a living space or bedroom without decorative accessories, and it’s just the same for your sophisticated bathroom. Choose pieces to show off – we’re talking vases, glass vessels, wooden objects – and think about the combination of shapes, sizes and colours you use to create a chic display. Add artwork to the walls as well: paintings and photography look great, but so do wall-hung sculptural pieces.

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