How to get your bathroom ready for party guests

Throwing a party? Make sure your bathroom’s set for visitors. Here’s how


There’s a crowd coming, you’ve sorted out the drink, the nibbles, and who’s staying over, but have you prepped your bathroom? Use our checklist and you’ll be ready.

1. Point the way

Many of your friends will know your house well, so finding the bathroom shouldn’t be a challenge for them, however much they’re enjoying your hospitality. It’s likely, though, that you’ve invited newer friends who haven’t visited before. Rather than putting them in the position of having to ask the way to the bathroom, make it obvious where they need to go. That way, they’ll feel more relaxed, and you won’t have to wonder why they’re pursuing you across the kitchen.
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2. Sort out the soap

Don’t leave your guests trying to work up a lather from the tiny nub of soap that’s left on the side of the sink, or no alternative but to check out the contents of your cupboards for more. A good looking soap dispenser filled before the doorbell rings for the first time will keep up with your crowd. Alternatively, stack up small guest soaps in a bowl, so there’s plenty to go round.

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3. Pile up the towels

House so packed with people that your towels won’t get a chance to dry out? Follow the example of five-star hotels, and try a basket of smaller towels that are just enough to dry hands. Don’t forget to put out a container into which people can drop them when they’re wet, though. You don’t want a bath full of soggy hand towels.

4. Stock up on loo roll

We know you know, but buy ahead, and leave the spares somewhere really obvious and easy to grab. Nobody wants an ‘Is that the last sheet in the room?’ trauma on a fun night out, do they?

5. Avoid trips and slips

Happy guests may not be, er, concentrating as they should, so make sure there’s nothing that’s going to unsettle their passage across the room. Bath mats are best hung up rather than left on the floor, and kids’ toys should be rounded up and put away.

6. Look after your overnighter

Some of your guests staying with you? In the early hours, you’d probably prefer to be heading for bed rather than doing the host bit, so leave their towels in the guest room before the party starts. That way you won’t be scrabbling through the linen cupboard in the early hours.

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