How to install a toilet roll holder

If you don’t want to be chasing loo roll across the floor, a toilet roll holder is a bathroom essential.
Fitting it isn’t tricky either, so even if you’re a DIY novice a few tools, a little time and these instructions are all you need.
                                                              Victorian Toilet and toilet roll holder, 

1. Decide where you want to put the toilet roll holder and check it will be reachable without contortions by everyone in the family.

2. Use a pipe and cable detector to ensure there are no water pipes or electrical cables where you are going to be drilling.

3. Depending on the design, position either the bracket for the holder, or the holder itself, against the wall. Check it’s level using a spirit level, then use a pencil to mark the wall through the screw holes.

4. Fit a masonry drill bit of the right size for your screws to your drill. For a tiled area, use a tile bit or a masonry bit. Measure the length of the wall plug, add 5mm and wrap a piece of masking tape around the drill bit at this distance from the tip so you have a depth mark. Press the tip of the bit to the wall where your pencil marks are, and check it’s at a right angle to the surface. Drill the holes to the required depth.

5. Fit wall plugs of a corresponding size to your screws into the holes.

6. Pass each screw through the bracket – or the holder itself – into the wall and tighten to fix it.

7. Fit the holder to the bracket(s).

Tip: If you’re drilling through tiles, fix a piece of masking tape to the wall where you are going to drill, mark the site of the hole on the tape and drill through it, starting on a slow speed. This will help stop the drill bit slipping.


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