How to maintain bathroom plants

Love a bit of greenery in your bathroom? Discover the best bathroom plants and how to keep them happy and healthy

Peace-lilyPeace lily, Dobbies 

House plants make a fabulous decorative extra in a bathroom. Even better, they are good for the quality of your indoor air. A study by NASA (yes, that NASA) and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America found that indoor plants can remove pollutants.
‘Plants take substances out of the air through the tiny openings in their leaves,’ said Dr Bill Wolverton, according to Zone 10 ‘But research in our laboratories has determined that plant leaves, roots and soil bacteria are all important in removing trace levels of toxic vapors.’
For the bathroom, the experts at Dobbies recommend the peace lily. ‘This tropical plant breaks down and neutralises toxic gases like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide inside its pores,’ say Dobbies. ‘You would expect, therefore, that this wondrous plant would be a complicated organism to look after, but this is not the case. The peace lily’s resilient and forgiving nature makes it an easy-to-look-after house plant. It will even tell you when it needs water by sagging slightly. ‘The peace lily makes the perfect bathroom plant as – because of its tropical nature – it thrives in warm and humid environments. It loves a steamy, well lit bathroom, and needs a temperature range of 65°F to 80°F.

‘The peace lily prefers medium, indirect sunlight. If its leaves start to turn yellow in colour it is getting too much light. Brown spot and streaks on the leaves indicate direct sun rays have reached the plant and scorched it.

‘Peace lilies survive well under florescent lights and some have been known to thrive in rooms with no windows at all. ‘Water at least once a week and mist the leaves with soft or distilled water throughout the summer growing season. Water the plant less in the winter months.’

So, which other plants will thrive in your bathroom with a little care? Here are our top choices:

• Umbrella plant Attractively shaped leaves make this a traditional favourite. Ensure it doesn’t get cold – an umbrella plant needs to stay warm over the winter months.

• African violet
Perfect if you like some blooms in your bathroom, African violets won’t be happy if you get water on the leaves, so don’t splash them.


• Anthurium Easy care, anthuriums like plenty of light, so don’t put them in a windowless ensuite. They’ll reward you with exotic flowers.

anthurium floowr

• Orchid Preferring high air humidity, orchids can rot in wet compost, so they’ll suit your steamy bathroom, but they won’t respond well to over watering.

orchid flowers.

• Spider plant With the baby spiders on their stems, these plants will make you feel like a successful grower. Keep them out of draughts – but who wants a draughty bathroom anyway?


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