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How to make a guest bathroom feel like home


Invited friends or relatives for the night or longer? Make sure your guest bathroom makes them feel welcome with these great ideas.

Inspect your room

A guest bathroom isn’t subject to your daily eagle-eyed inspection in the same way as a family space or your own en suite. The result? The little details of wear and tear can be missed. When you’re cleaning the room ready for your guests’ arrival, put yourself in place as if you’re using the room rather than cleaning it to give it a thorough once over. Is the grout of your shower tiles pristine throughout? Has the loo seat worked its way loose? Are there any chips in the skirting boards? We know your guests love you anyway, but ensuring your bathroom looks as good as it did new will keep you happy, too.

Review the furnishings

It’s easy to overlook the pieces that make everyday living easy when it comes to spaces that are usually used by guests.
A homely bathroom will have hooks to hang robes and towels from; well-lit mirrors to make applying make up and shaving accident-free; and places to set things down whether that’s a new set of clothes or a sponge bag.

Be generous with towels

OK, no one wants to encourage their guests to leave them a week’s worth of laundry to do as they wave goodbye. On the other hand, drying off with a titchy towel after a shower isn’t going to make a visitor feel treasured. The simplest solution is to leave a pile of various sized towels on a chair or bathroom stool so it’s obvious that (a) they are guest towels and (b) they might want to do more than just wash their hands and if so, they won’t be shivering afterwards.
Make sure there’s somewhere for temporary residents to dry their towels, too. Swap an ordinary radiator for a towel radiator to create plenty of hanging space so that a warm towel is ready when it’s needed – just like home.


This is the Palladio designer radiator from 

Keep stuff on show

In your own bathroom, a minimalist look with everything neatly tidied away behind closed doors might be the order of the day. For a guest space, leaving things on show is a virtue, ensuring your visitors won’t have to open doors and drawers to find the essentials. You don’t need to leave the jumbo pack of toilet rolls beside the loo, however. Try an attractive holder such as a wirework basket rather than the plastic packing they came in. Likewise, soaps look much better in a dish that complements your bathroom’s scheme.

While some guests will turn up for an overnight visit with a giant suitcase that includes all the products they can’t be without, light travellers will feel at home if you provide shampoo and conditioner to which they can help themselves. To be really welcoming you could also set out a little basket with other bathroom niceties: a nail file, hand cream, and even a couple of plasters.

Suspect your nearest and dearest are on the forgetful side? Score points as a super host by putting out a new toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss, so they don’t need to make an issue of their scattiness.

Keep your room looking its best by choosing matching accessories for all the essentials.

These are from Dunelm Mill.




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