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How to make your bathroom Pinterest-worthy

Want to show off your bathroom on your own boards, and be repinned by fans of fabulous interiors?
Use our tips to make sure your room’s a hit with the Pinterest crowd.

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Go for designer style
Pinners pin because they want to get the look, so you need to inspire them with your scheme. A gorgeous freestanding bath, a chic countertop sink, or a barely-there walk-in shower make lots of people’s wish lists. Check out our ranges for great design at shudder-free prices.


Clear your clutter
Your bumper pack of loo rolls, 10 types of shower gel, and the kids’ bath toys aren’t what people want to see. So, before you snap your images, tidy up. Even the smallest items of clutter can spoil the scheme.

Don’t go bare
OK, so you’ve hidden the value-size family shampoo, but that doesn’t mean your room should look completely bare. Displaying shower or bath smellies – these are Confit de Grenade Bath Milk Bonbons from Sweetpea & Willow – with understated but ever-so upscale packaging will make your room look hotel smart.

Accessorise to suit
On the other hand… if five-star hotel looks aren’t what you’re after, there’s no need to confuse the picture. Instead, pick some accessories that do suit the vibe of your room, whether that’s country, traditional, spa-style… A bathroom that’s just a suite will look like a catalogue shot rather than Pinterest-worthy.

Align your towels
Yes, we know that sounds a little bit obsessional, but a wonky towel will catch the eye – and not in a good way. Fold them neatly over the rail or through a loop, and straighten. Hanging two towels side by side? Yes, they should be level.

Show off fab storage
Got a neatly divided drawer? A niche with rolled-up towels? A clever laundry sorter? A great storage idea people can reproduce in their own bathrooms is going to be pinned and shared. A word of warning, though. If it’s a laundry idea, put the clothes in the machine before you take the pic.

Add contrast to white
All-white bathrooms will look even better with contrast. A touch of black works well. Try adding it the easy way with a picture or mirror frame – this is the Antwerp mirror, Loaf. Alternatively, try a few accessories in a natural wood finish, or a bold accent, which might come from a bath mat, basin accessories, or a bunch of brilliant blooms. imGYyLzYwqRNI2-nRCv6_1AVdJ_7sojCT6c-Y6aA76Q,BQp7i9eMqnDleUIt515ig3MiChvQUiSs07foswi17PQ

Keep out
When you’re taking your pics, make sure you’re not capturing yourself in the mirror. People want your bathroom on their boards, not you (however lovely you are).

Include the details
As well as whole room inspiration, pinners want great details, so add shots of your room’s best features whether that’s the wall tiles, the basin area, or statement lighting.

Make like a stylist
Introduce the finishing touches that make it look like a real home – but an ideal version. A pile of interiors mags to read in the bath, a hurricane lantern that’ll suggest soft lighting for an extended soak in the tub, a neat pair of white bathroom slippers on the floor. It needs to say lived in and gorgeous.


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