How to make your bathroom feel bigger

Are the dimensions of your bathroom getting you down? Unless you want to do some home renovations involving walls, you’re stuck with the physical measurements. But don’t give up, there are plenty of ways to make even the most spatially challenged bathroom feel a whole lot more generously sized than it actually is.




Choose the right colour scheme

If your bathroom is small (or even large but you’re aiming for palatial), using white or neutrals colours on the walls is a must. This doesn’t mean you can’t go for a bold coloured scheme, but these will need to be pops of colour instead of taking up entire walls. Pale shades work because they reflect light, which will make the walls appear to recede from your eye. Dark colours, on the other hand, absorb light and make walls seem closer: obviously a no-no if the room feels smaller than you’d like in the first place.

Not sure about a paint colour? Test it on a generous piece of lining paper you can put
on the wall temporarily

Keep finishes reflective

Don’t stop at the wall colour, though. Keeping your bathroom bright will also maintain the flow of light through it for a more spacious feel. Choose taps with high shine and pick a in stainless steel or chrome. Hang a mirrored cabinet as well as large mirrors above basins, and even along the length of a wall, hotel-style.

Furniture with a pale, high gloss finish adds another reflective surface to promote the free flow of light through the space.

Even if daylight is plentiful in your bathroom, a good lighting scheme is essential so it’s illuminated evenly across the whole space as any areas of shadow will make it feel smaller. This is especially important if the room has a small window, it’s opposite next door’s wall, or has a north-facing orientation – all of which affect the level or quality of natural light.

Pick essentials with light-reflecting finishes, too. Shower baskets, soap dishes, robe hooks and even waste bins can make your room feel
brighter and bigger

Use space-expanding tricks

Cheating your eye into seeing more space really does work. A horizontal stripe will make you see a wider wall, while a vertical one will lead the eye up so a low ceiling doesn’t feel oppressive. These are easy to create when you’re tiling, and they make great focal points as well.

Light-coloured flooring will help you make the most of your room’s floor area, but it can also pull off the same visual trick as a stripe on the wall. If your room’s shaped more like a corridor than a bathroom, a wood-look floor with boards laid across the width of the narrow side will make the walls appear further away from each other.

If you’re laying tiles, it can be tempting to go for small format to go with your small-feeling room. Conversely, though, if you pick a large tile with a rectified (super straight) edge that minimises the grout lines, the streamlined unfussy finish will seem to expand the dimensions.

Pick wall-hung bathroom fittings

Maximising the floor area with wall-hung basins and is a great strategy: the more of the floor you can see, the bigger the room will feel. But don’t think you have to give up your dream freestanding bath. A curvaceous design will expose the floor to make the room feel airier.

If you’re fitting a separate shower, a frameless enclosure won’t interrupt sightlines through the room and keep it clear of visual clutter for a more spacious appearance.

Display art in your bathroom

Get decorative, too – as if you needed an excuse. Creating a gallery of pictures on the wall of your bathroom will lead the eye through the space making it feel bigger as well as an even lovelier part of your home.

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