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Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into blogging?

Well, I’m from Ireland originally but I’m living in Glasgow now with my boyfriend and two kitties. I actually met my boyfriend ten years ago while we were both on family holidays in France. We kept in touch every now and then through different platforms of social media until one day, back in 2012, I decided to invite him over to Ireland for a few days. Now, here I am two and a half years later. It’s funny how things turn out sometimes.

I started blogging when I moved to Glasgow as a means of retaining some element of creativity in my life. At the time, I was working full- time in the financial sector and I developed quite a monotonous routine of working, eating and sleeping. I was becoming frustrated with myself so I started writing and taking photographs and really, one thing led to another and before I knew it, DustyPearle was created!

What elements of your day-to-day life inspire your food posts?

I love everything about food. I love watching cooking shows and learning new recipes that I can try out at home. I love reading food blogs and I have an impressive selection of cookbooks at home. I’ve just recently started a fitness series on my blog and one thing that I’ve touched on in it is my weekly routine for cooking meals. For a while there, I was ordering a lot of takeaways because I had become lazy and really disorganised with myself and my well-being. Now, I sit down with my cookbooks and any recipes that I’ve bookmarked online and I plan my meals in advance. There’s no more excuses for ordering food in three times a week. I really want to blog my food more but if I’m being honest, I always tuck in to it before I even turn my camera on, haha.

Who is your lifestyle/fashion hero?

Hmmmm, this is a hard one to answer because I love different elements of a lot of different people. My current style gurus are Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. I love their day-to-day grungy, laid back style as well as their evening looks. I don’t think I could live up to their lifestyles though. I would be exhausted so my lifestyle guru is somebody is the complete opposite of them, Madeleine Shaw. I follow here on Instagram for everyday inspiration. She’s a health and fitness expert who posts tasty recipes and workout routines online. She seems to have a good balance in her life which I aspire to have in my own.


How would you describe your photography style?

I’m definitely an amateur photographer. In fact, I even find it weird calling myself a photographer. Both of my parents are professional photographers so I have a lot to live up to but I’m learning as I go. I use my Canon 7D to take pictures and although I don’t know exactly what each setting does, I know how to adjust the aperture and IOS so that I take a nice picture, at least I hope they’re nice! I use Lightroom to edit – this is a really easy programme to use. It allows you to adjust the exposure and contrast so that you can create a really nice finish on your photos.

Technology has made accessing online inspiration easier for everyone now, is there an app or gadget that you couldn’t live without?

My phone is my sidekick. I couldn’t live without it. I’m sure most people feel the same but I would really feel lost if I left the house without it. I have all my blogging apps on it which I update throughout the day. I check my social media quite often but my favourite is Instagram. I love seeing what everyone is getting up to through picture. I love uploading pictures too. You can find me @dustypearl3. I also love the Bloglovin’ app.


What’s the inspiration for your ‘Weekend’ post series?

I don’t know if these posts are of any interest to my readers. They’re definitely more for me so that on Monday morning, I can read back over what I got up at the weekend. It helps with the Monday morning blues when I’m perched at my desk in work at 9am. I recommend doing a ‘Weekend’ series if like me, you feel like your weekends fly in a little too quickly.


What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out blogging?

Keep at it! I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging for years now. My Dad has an incredible blog which encouraged me to start my own but I always ended up forgetting about them and deleting them. I feel like every single blogger says “don’t compare yourself to others” and “avoid reading other peoples blogs”; I don’t agree with this. Read other peoples blogs, interact with the amazing blogging community that’s out there and learn from it. Look at the big names out there, whether it’s in beauty, food, interiors or lifestyle and aim to reach beyond them. Stay true to yourself – nobody likes a copycat but don’t be afraid to dream big, ask for help and most importantly, keep going. Oh, and always carry a notebook and a pen. Inspiration for posts can creep up on you at the strangest times.


What are your plans for 2015 and which trends do you think will be most popular this year?

I’ve set a couple of personal goals for myself this year and one of them is to run a marathon. With regards to blogging, I aimed to move away from WordPress and start hosting my blog myself which I have just finished doing. I also want to post more frequently and up my photography game. I’m hoping to learn the basics of Photoshop so I can improve the quality of my photographs and I want to include myself more in blog. I like to read personal blogs that feature the blogger themselves so yeah, I hope to achieve that.

I think that 2015 has a lot in store for bloggers and we might see a change of face in the current “top dawgs” of the blogger sphere.

If you could only take one possession to a desert island, what would you take?

I would take the book that I’m currently reading. It’s called “The Stand” and it’s written by Stephen King. It’s incredibly long and detailed and I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and really immerse myself into it so yeah, I would take my book.

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