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In The Bath With…Maxine Brady, WeLoveHomeBlog


This month we’re in the bath with Maxine Brady, author of WeLoveHomeBlog, we chat to her about her career so far and her latest home renovation project.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your career?

I got my first break working on magazines and worked my way up to the style team of the House Beautiful. After seven years, I decided to go freelance and I was able to write for many leading design magazines, writing about styling interiors, decorating features, as well as covering the latest trends. More recently I have been working on TV shows, producing makeovers and large scale renovation projects. And of course, this year I have just bought a house and launched my own interiors blog, which covers all my ideas and passions. I like to keep busy!

How did you get into blogging? 

Friends and family often asked me for advice and ideas on how to decorate their homes and they often encouraged me to share my know-how. When reading other blogs, I got really inspired to do my own. I have fallen in love with blogging and the on-line community support. I love being my own editor, stylist, writer and V-logger. It’s regenerated my love of interior design and gives me a creative buzz.

What are your plans for 2015 and which trends do you think will be most popular this summer?

At the moment I’m working on finding my blogging voice as well as teaming up with lots of partners, like British Gas, Primrose, Dulux and Tesco – whilst working on collaborative projects with them. I’m always following trends, such as the tropical look for my garden, with hints of flamingo pinks and acid teals, whilst inside the home I love the movement towards rich dark colours like navy, charcoal, black and burgundy (although my actual home is all white!)

Do you have an inspiration hero?

My mum. She was never afraid to take on the latest crazy interior trends – from rag rolling to sponging and stencilling. Not all of these ideas worked but she was never afraid to try. She would paint and decorate a whole room in a day. I learned that doing up a room didn’t have to be this massive task – taking up weeks of your time – instead you can update your space when the whim takes you. I’m known among my friends for being a speedy decorator as I get onto DIY mission, painting and revamping my home at speed, with Mum’s help of course.

Do you have any tips for our readers on how to approach bathroom design?

Bathrooms are the busiest rooms in the house so they have to serve you and your family well. The design has to be durable and easy to keep clean, as well as work for how you live in the house. This is where blogs come in so handy, as you can gleam ideas and advice for tiles, taps and flooring and put all the ideas together. Personally, I love a p shaped shower bath – and as much as wet rooms look fantastic – there’s nothing better than having a soak in the tub. At the moment, I’m lusting after a roll top and I’m working out how to squeeze in a rose shower too.

As a winner of the Home DIY Awards 2015 (Congrats!) Do you think there is much of a movement towards accessibility online for Home DIY in the UK this year and how do you see this changing?

I was thrilled to win the award for my home DIY Vlogs on my YouTube channel. I’ve tried to come up with simple ideas and chart the renovations on my own home. I wanted them to be fun, interesting and helpful as well as covering the topic that I’m interested in myself. As more and more people reach out to the Internet for help and advice for their home, it’s the Vlogs and Blogs that will lead the way (I hope!)

What would you say are the most important things to keep in mind when trying to update a room on a budget?

You may not be able to afford fancy finishing or accessories but you don’t need £1000s to give a room a new look. The key to is to make sure you get the finish perfect. If the end product is completed to a high standard then your home will look polished and smart. No one will suspect how much (or little!) you have spent.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out blogging?

I’m just learning myself so would love the advice! I’m talking to lots of other bloggers and joining their mailing lists. I’m also a fan of BlogLovin so that I can get updates from a large selection of bloggers. I’m also always chatting away on Twitter and picking up ideas from there. I read a lot of advice on how to start and take note of everyone’s suggestions about being super organised.

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