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Continuing our popular “In The Bath With” series, this week we interviewed Joelle Eyeson, a young interior designer making waves with her innovative online design business. Joelle shared an insight into her personal style and provided some tips for affordable bathroom design.

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Joelle, how would you describe your career so far?

My career so far has been quite exciting, I’m really enjoying introducing a new take on interior design as well as practicing the more traditional method. I am quite lucky that my design career has taken of in the way that it has, especially with how competitive it is out there. No two days are the same, at the moment my days are quite busy. People tend to have a perception that all designers do is look at fabrics and visit furniture showrooms all day, but that’s probably a really small part of what it entails. This is quite a challenging career but I’m enjoying every minute of it.

In your blog you write about your interest in redesigning and re-purposing objects. Is this the same as upcycling?

The two terms are very similar. With upcycling I believe its just bringing things back to life, like an old chair that may be lying around, bringing it back to life by giving it a fresh lick of paint (I’m loving pastel colors at the moment) or maybe adding a nice textile print to it. Redesigning and re purposing is using something for a different purpose. I’m loving this concept and I tend to encourage my e-design client to do this. I hate throwing things away and always like re-using things for a different purpose. My latest project was an old picture that I had that was in my garage, which I have never really been fond of, but I loved the frame. I used the frame and got rid of the picture, got some cardboard and replaced that with some Ankara fabric and is now a funky pin board that I use in my home studio.

Can you describe your style for us? Is it easy to describe?

My style is a mixture of a lot of different things. I love experimenting with color and patterns. I would say that my style is a mixture of English heritage and contemporary African style. I have lived in Britain all my life and brought up by my Ghanaian parents. I was brought up in your typical Ghanaian home so I have grown up with a lot of African influenced design in our home infused with British design.

What is E-Design?

E-design is an online interior design service that I offer. This is a more affordable way for a client to hire an interior designer without breaking the bank.

Interior design isn’t just for the rich; I wanted to offer a service that was affordable for everybody yet still having that personal service. So many people have less time on their hands, less money and we are on the Internet a lot more these days.

How it works is I get the details of the space that needs designing from the client by them sending me measurements, they tell me the type of style they like and don’t like. I will also ask the client to send me some pics or ideas they may have seen on the net so I can incorporate that into a mood board.

Once I have all this information from the client I will start designing their space for them. I provide them with a new floor plan, design board, shopping list and details of a local tradesmen in their area to carry out the work.

I can also arrange to have a box delivered with all samples for them to start their project. So for example if it was a bathroom redesign I, would create a new floor plan, design board, shopping list of where they can buy items from that suit their budget and details of tradesmen. All this will be in the design box that I send out. For example in the box could be bathroom tile samples from and paint samples from dulux.

You’re obviously a fan of technology, are there any apps you can’t live without?

I cant live without my Houzz app, I love it, I think its great to share and discuss ideas with other interior designers all over the world as well as inspiration. I also love pinterest and instagram, it’s a great way to follow people in the industry and see what inspires them as well as being exposed to different types of designs.

Who is your design hero?

I love Abigail Ahern, she is not afraid to break the rules and experiment. I love her use of bold bright colours mixed with darker colours. I really admire her dark and quirky sense of style.

Any tips for our readers on how to approach bathroom design?

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your space. Just because your bathtub is in a certain location doesn’t mean it has to stay there. See how you can rearrange the layout.

Also don’t be afraid to liven up your bathroom, too many bathrooms I feel go for the conventional black and white colours, try throwing in some color, adding some funky patterned tiles or a quirky décor accessory.

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