Get the New York loft look

How to rock the New York loft look
Shower rooms can be seriously dull if you don’t put some effort into working up an enticing scheme for them. But let’s face it, there’s rarely enough room in there to swing a paintbrush, so just how do you go from plain box to box office glam without spending a fortune? The key is in choosing the right key accessories for the space. So, hunt down vintage signs, metal lettering, pared-back lighting, shapely storage and neutral textiles that wouldn’t be out of place in a spa bathroom.
Which materials to choose
When it comes to choosing the flooring, wall coverings, tiles and even fittings for your shower room, think stripped back, industrial, and natural materials. Wood looks warm and welcoming for floors, but if that’s not practical enough for you, get a wood-lookalike – Amtico has a good range – choose the deepest, darkest tones for best effect.
Our favourite wall material has to be exposed brick but if that won’t suit your home, brick-shaped high gloss tiles or slate mosaics will both get your scheme going in the right direction. Fittings, such as taps, showerheads and towel rails should be chunky, manly and chrome. Finish the pared back look with windows kept bare – use window film from Brume to maintain your modesty.
Pick the right bathroom lighting
Good lighting is a must to help a shower room feel as big as possible and to make it a practical space, too. Look for designs with a touch of 1930s or 1950s design – they’ll fit right into your industrial-style scheme and add a much-needed decorative effect.
Wall lights, like our Anderson double bathroom light, which is designed to be attached on to the top of a mirror, are ideal combined with flush ceiling lights to make the most of a small space.
Invest in eye-catching display
If you’re creating the perfect shower room, artwork has to be right at the top of your shopping list (just under ‘shower’). Why? Because it will give a small space an instant injection of personality. Choose a retro sign that can be wall-mounted to save space, or if your shower room’s proportions are a little more generous, lean it casually (but with precision) where it can be seen. We love this metal WOW sign, from a range at Rockett St George.
Choose rough wall tiles
Tiles from man-made materials just won’t cut it for this look – instead, search for natural stone that looks like it’s just been hewn from the quarry. If the colours are natural, the shapes uneven and the finish raw, all the better. Brick is the ideal but it won’t stand up to splashes, so find more practical tiles that have a similar feel, such as these slate split face stone mosaics, from Topps Tiles.
Find versatile furniture
Small spaces, like en-suite bathrooms, call for drastic storage solutions, so while you’re shopping for mirrored cabinets, consider other clever hideaway options for anything from unsightly cleaning products to extra loo rolls.
Small, ergonomic, comfortable and, what’s more, good looking, this Tam Tam stool has hidden storage underneath the seat. It comes in black, white or a range of bright shades if you want to give your bathroom a bold colour scheme.
Buy neutral textiles
When it comes to textiles – and we’re talking anything from bath mats to towels – they should be natural, smart and, dare we say it, a tad masculine. Think smart Savile Row suit not cut-price velour tracksuit. To achieve the look, that might mean anything from swapping patterned mats for high maintenance white rugs to replacing brightly coloured towels with cotton bath sheets in biscuit shades, like these from Ikea.  
Fit a shower tower 
When it comes to choosing the shower fitting itself, look for a shower tower that’s all sharp angles, chunky, on-show chrome and attitude. Give yourself the ultimate pampering shower by shopping for a shower tower with massage jets – like our Thornton shower column. 

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