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Natural Tones

Bathrooms in natural tones feel soothing and organic.

Find out how to make a natural-look interior fabulous


Bathrooms in natural tones feel soothing and organic. Find out how to make a natural-look interior fabulous

Why natural tones work in a bathroom

With a spotless white suite and super-sleek finishes, your bathroom can feel clean and contemporary – but tip the scales on the practical rather than the nurturing and comfortable side.

One of the easiest ways to make sure it feels pristine but still full of interest and warmth is to create a scheme using natural tones and textures.

You’ll need to use different natural shades together rather than just picking one.
Lucy Powell

How to layer natural tones

Nothing saps the fun from decorating quicker than spending ages over your scheme then finding the whole effect is rather flat. Subtle natural tones need treating with care to ensure that’s not the feeling you create. For a successful bathroom interior, you’ll need to use different natural shades together rather than just picking one.

If you’re opting for a palette with plenty of darker naturals, don’t forget that they’ll absorb light from your room, so you need to consider your lighting scheme and create a good level of illumination – especially if your bathroom window is on the petite side, or needs to be permanently covered to stop the neighbours sneaking a peak.

Pick the right bathroom flooring

A wood floor can look sooo sophisticated in the bathroom, and brings in the organic tones and grain pattern intrinsic to the wood you’re using. It’s for the well-behaved household only, though, as it reacts to changes in temperature and humidity, and needs a protective varnish.

If your room’s too steamy, or splashes from over-enthusiastic bathers are inevitable, either use a wood-look tile or other bathroom floorcovering, or create a splashproof zone with wood beyond. This Oak Tan engineered wood flooring is from Kahrs.

Add great bathroom storage

A bathroom filled with the clutter of plastic bottles is never going to feel relaxing and natural, so good storage is a must to hide away essentials that don’t contribute to the overall atmosphere of your room.

Built-in storage creates a sleek effect and great capacity, and allows you to bring in another natural finish. If you like the appearance of strong grain, this sort of white and zebra basin cabinet from is perfect.

Bring in
different textures

Please your sense of touch as well as your eyes for a successful natural scheme. Go rustic with a driftwood piece – this heart is from Seld – or keep the overall effect smarter by displaying wooden vases. Adding in storage baskets in woven finishes adds another appealing texture, and they’re the perfect place to store luxurious soaps and face flannels for a spa-style look.

Contrast with smooth glossy tiles to create a more urban edge, or if luxury palazzo is more your vibe (and why not?) limestone or marble – or a clever lookalike – will do just fine.

Add interest to bathroom walls

The natural palette includes colours from the palest sand to rich chocolate, which can create a scheme of luxuriance and variety. It can also feature hazy greyer tones, evoking still waters and the shades of dawn and dusk – the perfect mood for a spa-style bathroom.

Try these relaxing hazy tones on walls – they’ll complement pale beiges elsewhere in the room. These paint colours are from Dulux

Show off towels

Keep variety in mind when it comes to picking the accessories for your natural scheme. Whether you show them off modern country style on a peg rail finished in a neutral paint tone, or pile them up on a hotel-style rack, mixing and matching towel colours and trims will add another layer to your design scheme. These are from Kingsley Home

If you like nothing better than a leisurely soak, choose a heat-retaining bath material so you can prolong the pleasure

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