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One simple change for a better bathroom

Getting ready to put your home on the market? To ensure your bathroom makes the right impression on buyers, you need only change one thing. Don’t believe us? Choose from these options to transform your room.

Balancing loo rolls on the cistern?

Towels cluttering the radiator? Bars of soap leaving gunk on the side of the bath? Your potential buyers aren’t going to be impressed. Rescuing your room isn’t hard, though. Invest in just one set of matching accessories – our Trezzini pack is perfect – for a pulled-together look for your room. 


Grout no longer pristine white?

For an all-new impression without having to go to the trouble of retiling your walls, visit your local DIY store for a grout reviver and make it sparkle once again.

Using a shower curtain?

To save your bathroom floor from splashes when you perform your morning ablutions make the change to a modern bath screen. It will make your room look a whole lot sleeker as well as bigger because the view through the space won’t be impeded by a curtain you have to spread out to dry. A chrome finish for your screen will ensure it complements the rest of your fittings, too.

Got more shampoos than Boots?

Ever browsed Rightmove and been astonished at the plastic bottle collection sellers have left on show when the agent took the snaps of the property for sale? Us, too. If you’re guilty of excessive shampoo displays, the one change your bathroom needs is a sleek contemporary cabinet. Buy one, tidy away, then get the photographs taken. 

Blessed with clunky taps?

Convinced the taps you inherited when you moved in can never have been in style? Chances are your buyers will get the same impression. A new mixer tap or pillar set will say ‘modern bathroom’ much more convincingly than the written details of your property ever could, and a swap is amazingly affordable. Choose to suit your suite: you’ll find both traditional and contemporary designs with the style credentials your room is lacking.

Owner of a loo with a plasticky cistern?

It might have been white once, but a cistern that looks ever-so-slightly yellow isn’t appealing. A new toilet should be the one buy you make. Functional and stylish is the look you’re after rather than reminiscent of an outside privy.

Bathroom not as hip as the rest of your pad?

Bathroom schemes featuring a mix of materials are on-trend and have an upscale feel. All you need to do to get the look is swap a plain white bath panel for a wood lookalike. This Janssen walnut design is perfect.zUFvVsRo2llV9_CPxCKUOdeIGctPU8OmlpB0v_QiKis



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