Royal Baby – trends you can try out at home

A touch of regal elegance isn’t limited to those with Royal titles; see how to add style to any family bathroom. There has been a media frenzy around the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and since they announced they are expecting their first child this has only escalated as her due date nears.
Royal Baby Bath -

In celebration of the Royal baby have designed a Limited Edition Windsor Collection Baby Bath to be gifted to William and Kate.
It is rumoured Kate is planning a modest nursery for the baby, so the Windsor collection baby bath design is in keeping with the couples home style preferences.  The bath is a traditional miniature version of the classic Victorian bath and features golden ball and claw feet with a smooth roll top design. The bath will be engraved with the child’s name once it is born and delivered to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 
Susannah Wheeler Midwife from One to One Midwives said “Like all first time parents, Kate and William will be keen to spend as much time with their baby as possible. The days when a Royal mother would not be on hand to look after her children is long gone. My advice for the parents to be is just to enjoy it!”
Susannah also commented “Moments away from the public eye will be treasured by a high profile family like this, so the more attachment they can form with the baby early on, the better. New borns can typically see from an adult’s chest to face where they can respond and recognize your face, so bathing is an ideal experience to build memories and bond.” believe that good design should be available for all and are helping parents give their children a Royal bathing experience by making a limited number of the Windsor Collection baby baths available for the public to purchase for £399.
Midwife Susannah gives us her top five baby bathing techniques:
1. Water temperature should be roughly body temperature.
2. Judge the your baby’s water temperature using your wrist not your palm, as this area is more used to heat exposure and will be less sensitive.
3. Baby bathing books often recommend buying a thermometer but this is not essential.
4. My suggestion is that early evening time is usually a time for bathing that sets up a good routine and relaxes them before bedtime.
5. Daily bathing isn’t essential, and certainly no more than once a day is advised as this could dry the skin too much.

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