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Shower enclosures

The latest shower enclosures are sophisticated, stylish and luxurious. There’s a huge range on offer, so we have all you need to know to pick the right design for your room…
Why choose a shower enclosure?
Unless your bathroom is super-compact, a separate shower enclosure is a must-have. If you want to create the perfect shower room, it can be the centrepiece of your scheme or, in a bigger room, it can work alongside your bathroom suite to create a space in which you’ll love to spend time.
Framed or frameless enclosure?
Both framed and frameless enclosures are on offer. Framed enclosures are a more classic option. They are made up of glass panels with the framing – usually a chrome finish to match bathroom taps – visible. Modern frames are not chunky, though, so the effect is elegant rather than obtrusive.
If you want a contemporary wet room feel, then choose a frameless enclosure. With maximum glass and barely there framing, it will look sleek and won’t interrupt the view through your room, helping to make your bathroom feel bigger.
Framed enclosures are available to suit the space you have available in your room. Pick from quadrant, hinged, sliding, pivot, in fold, 3 sided and walk in.
Which size and shape to choose?
The size and shape of shower enclosure that’s best for your room is influenced by the look you want to create and the space available in your room, as well as the options for positioning. Enclosure sizes range from compact 760mm by 700mm hinged and inline models, right up to luxury-resort style walk ins of 1,600mm by 1,000mm.
Bear in mind that it’s not just a question of fitting in the shower tray and the shower enclosure, but considering how any door will open, too. Outward-opening doors need space into which to swing without obstruction by other fittings in the room. With an inward-opening door, you’ll need to consider whether you will be comfortable to move around it when you’re getting in and out of the shower.
Small bathroom designs
If you have a small en-suite or bathroom, then an enclosure featuring a sliding door is a sound choice. These are available as both square and rectangular designs and some designs even offer a choice with doors that slide left or right. They come in both framed and frameless styles.
In fold door shower enclosures also work well in compact rooms, or where you want to maximise the showering space, as the door opens into the enclosure rather than out into the room. Both rectangular and square are on offer.
Easy access shower enclosures
Pivot designs make getting in and out of the shower easy as the opening is wide. Hinged shower enclosures create even better access, and are a robust choice. Select from square or rectangular shapes with a hinged door.
In many rooms, the shower enclosure will be positioned in the corner. Here, quadrant enclosures with sliding or hinged doors – designed to work with a quadrant shower tray that has two straight edges and a curved front – work well. Take a look, too, at offset quadrants, where one of the straight sides and the curve of the design are longer, creating a generous showering space.
Alternatively, pentagonal enclosures are also purpose-designed for corners teamed with a straight front edged pentagonal shower tray, and opening directly towards the room.
For a modern look, a 3 sided enclosure, designed to be fitted against a tiled wall, is a good choice.
Wet room style showers
For the ultimate in contemporary chic, creating the look of a wet room without the need to fully waterproof your entire bathroom, go for a walk-in enclosure. These don’t have a door, but do have protective panels to prevent the bathroom floor being splashed. Walk-in enclosures come in a choice of shapes often creating drying space as well as showering space within them. Pick from designs with pleasingly curvaceous or smart straight glass panels to help create the look you want in your bathroom.
For the full-on spa experience, some designs come with shower towers multidirectional massage jets and thermostatic mixers so you can create five-star luxury in your bathroom.
Choose your perfect shower enclosure plus find inspirational design and decorating ideas for your shower room on our Pinterest board.

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