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Solve your shared bathroom nightmares

Does your other half have bathroom habits that get you down? Check out our great ideas for sorting out your troubles:

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If sharing a bathroom is a stress point in your relationship, then you’re not alone. Joan Collins recently gave her tips for making a marriage work to the Sunday Times magazine, and revealed that home life with Percy Gibson had rules. ‘We’re never in the bathroom together. In fact, I think it’s important to have separate bathrooms,’ she said. Joan’s on her fifth husband, so far be it from us to doubt her wisdom. However, if a bathroom each isn’t a solution, and your timetables make being in the room at the same time essential, check out our suggestions for bathroom harmony. 

The nightmare:
One of you collects more varieties of shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath and exfoliating products than a branch of Boots holds and they are all over the side of the bath. It’s an assault course when you’re getting into the tub, and a limb out of place sends them flying.
The solution: Put up a shelf or rack and limit the culprit to filling it or chucking out the surplus.

The nightmare: The partner who wears the most make-up scatters their products around the sink, as well as taking up more than their fare share of the bathroom cabinet. The other partner has a corner of a shelf, and no place to set down their stuff by the mirror.
The solution: Separate the storage. Whether it’s a cupboard each, a drawer each or a cabinet each, one for you and one for your other half (and a bit of co-operation on the putting away front) will make life more harmonious.

The nightmare: Gents leave the toilet seat up, ladies don’t. Same sex couples can skip to the next issue, but his and hers loos can become a battleground.
The solution: It’s common to suggest that the man should bow to the woman on this, but we say seat and lid down’s the solution. Why? If you have a cabinet over the toilet, you’llbe glad anything dislodged won’t fall in; if you have pets, you won’t catch them drinking from the loo; and – call us excessively orderly – it just looks neater if you put the seat down, no?

The nightmare: Leaving your towel damp, not hanging any of them so they’ll dry, or – worse still – abandoning them on the floor.
The solution: If you need to be clear about whose towels is whose, then have a colour each and stick to it. This might not entirely solve the problem, of course, but at least you’ll have evidence to back up your accusations. Hearing the ‘I’m in too much of a rush to hang them properly’ excuse? Put up towel hooks and this just won’t wash any more. 


We like these Kitu ceramic hooks from Fairwind for easy towel hanging.

The nightmare:
Sink etiquette that leaves a lot to be desired. We’re talking toothpaste on the bowl and hair in the plug hole. 
The solution: Think a sink each – it may be easier than you imagined. Twin basins on a countertop look chic and modern whether they’re bowl-style designs or inset versions. Even if your bathroom is small, they’re worth considering because swapping a pedestal for a wall-hung counter can make the room feel bigger.


Check out our ranges of counter top and inset basins

The nightmare: Bath and shower not rinsed out? Toilet left in a state we won’t speak of? Things scattered everywhere? You are sharing with a bathroom nightmare incarnate.
The solution: There’s nothing like doing the chores to focus the mind. If you’re constantly tidying up after your partner, he or she really isn’t appreciating the mayhem and hard work created. So, let them do the cleaning. Regularly. And if that doesn’t work? Wait until someone whose opinion they do care about is about to visit (mums often work for this one), then go on cleaning strike and let them sort out the mess.

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