Team black with pops of colour

Fall for a stunning scheme that teams sleek black with hits of brilliant colour. It’s a great look for a family bathroom. 
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Why use black plus bold colour in a bathroom?
Black might seem a bit cutting edge for a family bathroom, but it’s actually a super practical colour to choose. It’ll create a smart look, it’s not high maintenance, and it’s the perfect backdrop for pops of colour, allowing you to update your scheme with ease.
A black plus colour look works with a modern suite, including practical family-friendly designs like a shower bath. But if you want to go for a freestanding bath – in a traditional or modern shape – the contrast of a dark wall will turn it into an amazing focal point.
How to use black in your bathroom
Unless you have the sensibilities of a mole, black isn’t actually going to be the colour that covers the largest area of your room. This is because a little goes a long way, so to make the scheme work you’ll want to stick to limited areas for an effect that’s dramatic but not overbearing.
So, where do you go black? It’s fantastic used as a splashback for the basin, bath and shower. Plain finishes in either matt or gloss look great, or check out textured or decorative designs to add another layer to your scheme. These Domino large format ceramics from Topps Tiles have a squared pattern that catches the light.
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Choose reflective bathroom finishes
Black’s also great for bathroom furniture and counters. Don’t forget that while white surfaces reflect light back into your room, black has the opposite effect, absorbing it. So while looking fantastic, it could also make the room feel smaller and dingier. The first could be a benefit if your bathroom’s so grand you could get lost in it, but it’s not a problem most homes suffer from. The latter is a downside if your room’s short on natural light.
If you are working with this scenario, the solution is to pick black furniture or countertops with a reflective finish. High gloss or polished will do the job a treat, and have the happy extra benefit of adding to the pristine feel of your bathroom.
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Paint bathroom walls
Bearing in mind black’s ability to make its presence felt, once it’s on the walls as a splashback, it’s time to call a halt. Instead, try grey – which sits between black and white. It will keep the overall look harmonious as it’s still part of the colour family, plus it looks contemporary, and is fuss-free to maintain. Use a tone somewhere in the middle of the grey spectrum: this is Mid Lead Colour from Little Greene.
Decide on bathroom flooring
Apply the same caution when you’re picking the floor. In a room with white walls, a black floor can look fantastic, but with blacks and greys on the walls, not so much. As an alternative, a chequerboard pattern of black and white will provide just enough of your dramatic tone, and is a great investment as it’s a classic look. This is Alicante from the Changing Roomz collection by Leoline.
In it for the long term with your accent shade? Choose larger pieces, including storage solutions, laundry bags and even light fittings that shout look at me. This fabulously extrovert chair from Calligaris at House of Fraser is an outdoor as well as indoor design, so it won’t be perturbed by the atmosphere of a bathroom.
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Keep your bathroom scheme fresh
As well as your suite, bright white is great for woodwork and the ceiling treatments to keep the scheme light filled and spacious. Choose white for window treatments, too. Shutters are modern and robust in a family space, and will co-ordinate with the rest of the woodwork in white. These are from The California Company.
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Add pops of colour
Adding vibrant hits of colour to a monochrome scheme is an on-trend look and it’s so easy to do in a bathroom. Pick an accent shade with punch – colours from the warm side of the spectrum such as reds, pinks, oranges will do a great job because they’ll add subtle warmth as well as having a presence. If you want a scheme you can update on a whim, bring in the colour in easily replaced elements – towels, soap and toothbrush holders, a few decorative acccessories and so on. As well as plains, think vibrant patterns, too. These are Aztec towels from Kingsley Home.
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