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The most fun you can have in the bath

Looking to put the splash back into bathtime for your little ones? Try these fun ideas…

marksandspencer wash mit

1 Wash ‘n’ play

Can’t get your dirty little monsters in the bath at all? Lure them in (and make it fun) with this Monsters University Mike Wash Mitt. They might even let you wash their face. It costs £5, Marks & Spencer.

bath crayons


2 Bath art

If your children love to draw but hate to wash, these bath crayons will make you both happy. They wash off after the bath with a little elbow grease – just warn your little ones that their masterpieces will be heading down the drain. Bath crayons, £3.49, Amazon.

babies R us

3 Ahoy me hearties!

This fun, colourful VTech Baby Pull and Play Boat is all action. They can press the hippo or the life-ring button to hear a variety of playful sounds, phrases and songs, pull on the dolphin to hear more sounds and music, and watch as the dolphin is pulled back towards the boat. Hopefully by then, they’ll be ready for bed… It costs £14.99 from Toys R Us.

The Real Rubber Duck


4 Completely quackers

You simply can’t beat a rubber duck for a bit of good old-fashioned play – and this little fella is actually made from real rubber, meaning a nice bit of clean fun for your youngster (and you). It costs £9.99 from The Natural Mat Company.


5 Tidy up time

If you’re buying all those toys, you’ve got to have somewhere to put them – and take it from us, little kids love a practical piece of kit as much as any neat-freak adult. The Whalepail is the ideal bath toy tidy, with ventilation holes to allow wet toys to dry, and suckers to keep it firmly stuck to the side of the bath or a tiled wall. It costs £20 from Amazon.

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