The Ultimate Bathrooms DIY Guide

With our Ultimate Bathrooms DIY Guide, you’ll find all the best advice, tips and tricks the internet has to offer. Simply click on the bathroom item and you’ll find links to cleaning, maintenance and installation advice from many of the best sources online. We’ve also included step-by-step guides and videos, so you know you can do it right the first time, and save a bundle while you’re at it.
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DIY, home renovations, sprucing up the place – call it what you like, it’s big business. We spent £7.54 billion on DIY in 2012 alone. Nearly all of the respondents to one Maplin survey – that is, 93% of them – said they have done DIY. In the same survey, 41% of respondents would rather have a professional do the job, but that means 59% would rather get on with the job themselves.

 Of course, there are several reasons you might want to do your own renovations. You get a sense of pride in doing a job well and seeing the fruits of your labour paying off. DIY allows you to put your own touches on your home. It also feels great to know that other people appreciate your work and your tastes.

 Renovating a bathroom also adds value to your home. Renovating a bathroom can add double what you paid to do it onto the value of your home. According to an HSBC survey, it can add £3,351 to the value of your home, though it costs often less than half that to have an entire bathroom suite fitted professionally. And you can get more for your money by doing a lot yourself. Simply adding nice, quality features like mixer taps, glass screens and chrome towel heaters to your bathroom can add an extra 3% to your house’s value.

 Although there are plenty of great reasons to do bathroom renovations yourself, many people don’t feel confident that they can. Young people in particular lack confidence in their ability to DIY: one survey found that only 5% of Brits aged 18 to 25 can unblock a sink, and only 6% know how to bleed a radiator.

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The thing is they have a reason to feel intimidated as doing a bad DIY job can be costly. DIY disasters cost the UK more than £3 billion every year. That’s £138.70 for each UK household. It can also be dangerous. Fully 43% of respondents to the Maplin survey admitted they had injured themselves at one point or another when undertaking DIY.

With so much on the line, you want to know you can complete a DIY task well before you attempt it. You want to know you can do it easily, safely, and that you can save quite a few pounds in the process.

That’s why we put together this new interactive guide.

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So click now to get started with our Ultimate Bathrooms DIY Guide


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