Throw a tile party

It’s swapping, but it’s good clean fun with no whiff of the 1970s about it. Dig out your leftover tiles and share with your friends.


Found a few tiles lurking at the back of a cupboard, or cluttering up a shelf in the shed?
Instead of pushing them aside to squeeze more stuff into your storage, how about making use of them instead? Yes, we know you don’t need them, but you can find them a brand new home where they will be useful.

Invite your friends

Get on to Facebook  to make a date for your tile party and invite your friends. Tell everyone they’ll need to bring a few leftover tiles or even a spare pack, but if this is the case, do warn them to hold back some in case they need to make their own repairs in the future. It’s for their own good, after all. The idea of your tile party, of course, is not to accumulate a lot of extra clutter yourself, so don’t let your non-spare tile owning friends miss out. Encourage them to come along anyway because they might want to give a good home to someone else’s leftovers.

Swap till you drop

Guests arrived? Get them circulating and swapping. We all know that good repairs need matching tiles, so unless it’s a lucky match, your friends’ tiles aren’t going to perform miracles. Small patch-up jobs in hidden corners are worth doing, though, to keep bathrooms, kitchens, utility spaces and cloakrooms splashproof.

Get clever with tiles

Tiles that aren’t going to help anyone improve their home aren’t a lost cause. An ornately patterned tile can look great as part of a display – a Moroccan style design looks fabulous alongside coloured tea glasses or ornate candle or tealight holders in a bedroom or living room.

1_Hampton Blue_Nkuku Sumi Silver Glass Tealight Holder

These tealight holders are from Hampton Blue 

Tiles make great coasters, too. Bold primaries are perfect for a Mondrian-inspired look that’s bang on trend, so if anyone’s brought along these colourways, they’ll be a winner.Fabulous patterns are likely to be grabbed for the same reason, but high gloss white will suit a kitchen with contemporary units, and plain shades can add an accent colour to a living room without anyone having to reach for a credit card. Need somewhere to put a plant? Outdoors – if we’re talking large floor tiles – or inside – for smaller tiles – they’ll create a base for your greenery.

Creative mates? Patterned tiles can make a great display framed and hung.
Exclusive artwork for not much money can be theirs.Even more creative mates? They’ll be after everyone’s contributions for their mosaic projects, of course. Leftover and broken tiles can transform everything from a trivet to a whole tabletop.

Check out the tile ranges at 

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