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What characteristics make a bathroom feel luxurious?

Today we’re “In The Bath With” Nivin El-Gamal who is the Chief Interior Designer & Director of Galaxy Stars. She spends her time running the bespoke interior design firm that works on a number of high-end projects in London for individuals such as foreign dignitaries, pop stars and VIPs.
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Nivin’s bathroom is where she enjoys thinking and generates her best creative ideas, in this post she shares her advice on how to incorporate elements of feng shui to make a bathrooms feel luxurious.
Bathrooms rarely get the attention they deserve considering they are often one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. They are an intimate space and one that should provide a relaxing and revitalising experience every time. You can bring glamour and sophistication into your bathroom by incorporating space, light, materials, texture and details, all elements that will enhance the comfort and quality of your bathroom and do wonders for its ambiance. 
Even if your bathroom is modestly sized it is possible to create the illusion of space by removing visual clutter, choosing a monochromatic colour palette, and using a few additional luxurious features.
Beautiful lighting can be created in a number of ways, whether it’s through skylights, walls of windows or beautiful views. Like space, light is a commodity that can be in short supply, and its abundance in the bathroom is a luxury. If you don’t have large windows stick to sheers or window coverings that let in the most light possible. For those with air shaft views or no windows, consider lighting that mimics natural sunlight.
Luxurious bathrooms use beautiful, natural materials on the floors and walls. Granite, marble, river rock and teak are all forms of nature’s most striking luxury. It is always worth investing in quality, natural materials. Not only are they stunning but their quality lasts forever and never goes out of style.
Textures entice us to touch. This may involve feeling your feet go from the sleek stone floor to a plush sheepskin rug or enveloping yourself in a warm bath surrounded by velvet curtains. Though easier to implement than the proceeding qualities, this is the hardest to upkeep. Bathrooms are warm, wet and steamy, not the best conditions for sheepskin rugs and velvet curtains. Consider varying texture in other ways: for example with plush towels and bathrobes or a teak or rock mat to contrast with stone floors.
Detail is the most important factor. Fireplaces, chairs, tufted gold bathtubs and bronze statues are all details that personalise the space. Detail doesn’t have to be large and over the top to incorporate some luxury. Something as simple as a tray with a candle, a book, a chandelier or pretty decorative storage can elevate a space. Whatever your definition of luxury, you can recreate it in the details by using Feng Shui.
The goal of Feng Shui is to invite vibrant chi (energy) into our front door and encourage it to circulate evenly around the home. Drains and openings are areas where the chi can escape — and bathrooms have lots of them. Feng Shui therefore becomes particularly important here.
Crystals are considered the Feng Shui ‘aspirin’ and we use them whenever we have something that could potentially be out of balance in the home. Hanging a Feng Shui crystal about 9in from the centre of the ceiling will keep the chi flowing upwards rather than allowing it to be sucked down the drains.
This attention to your daily comfort creates an environmental affirmation that says you are worthy of enjoying comfort and beauty in your physical surroundings. The bathroom is a room that we all spend a lot of time in, make it a place that nurtures and inspires and see how it boosts your mood just by spending time there!

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