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Which pillar taps to buy?

Create classic symmetry in your bathroom by choosing a pair of pillar taps for bath and basin

BasinPillarWhy buy pillar taps?

When you’re choosing taps for your new bathroom scheme, you’ll find a wide choice, including floorstanding and wall mounted, as well as bath mounted and basin mounted. Pillar taps are bath and basin mounted, sitting directly on the fitting, and creating a neat symmetrical pair.

Pillar taps are at the top of many people’s lists when they’re choosing taps for a new bathroom scheme because they are a classic choice. Operating them is simple – which may be a consideration depending on the users of your bathroom – but with a separate hot and cold tap you won’t be able to control the temperature of your basin or bath water as it leaves the tap. Instead, you’ll need to adjust the flow from each to get the warmth you need when the water mixes in the bath or basin.

As they’re easy to fit, pillar taps will help make transforming your bathroom speedy.

Which styles of pillar tap are on offer?

They may have classic heritage, but pillar taps can suit both traditional or contemporary bathroom schemes.

For a period property or country-style scheme, check out designs such as the Victoria basin pillar taps or Victoria bath pillar taps, which have vintage style, curvaceous lines and traditional-style cross handles.

For a modern twist on a classic design, take a look at taps such as the Adler basin pillar tap set or Adler bath pillar tap set, which update the look with sleek lines.

For contemporary bathroom schemes consider choosing pillar taps with lever handles. These can be easier to operate for some people, and you can pick from the architectural lines of a design such as the Cubitt basin pillar tap set and Cubitt bath pillar tap set, or go for a more sinuous appearance – the Dewez bath pillar taps and Dewez basin pillar tap set are great examples.

Can I use pillar taps with all baths and basins?

You’ll need to team pillar taps with a basin that has two tap holes.

Look for baths that can be drilled for surface-mounted taps if you want to combine pillar taps with your new bath.

Check your water pressure

Pillar taps are a great option where the hot and cold water pressure in your home is unequal.

Not sure about the water pressure in your home? Use our guide:

  • If you have a cold water tank or cistern in the loft and a hot water storage cylinder in a bedroom, hallway or bathroom cupboard, your system is gravity fed and the hot water will likely have low to medium pressure. This is the most common system.
  • If you live in a new home or one that has been renovated recently, you are more likely to have high pressure hot and cold water supplies. The water flow will be equal and strong from all taps, both hot and cold, all over the house.

To double check that your choice of taps is suitable for your system look at the minimum and maximum pressure levels – expressed in bars – on your tap choice before you click to buy. If you aren’t sure about your system, contact a plumber.

Clean your taps

Pillar taps are easy to keep clean. Use warm soapy water or a proprietary cleaner suitable for their finish, applied with a soft cloth. Rinse and, for the highest shine, dry with a clean lint-free cloth. Always steer clear of abrasive cleaners to keep your taps looking their best.

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