In the UK the concept of a shower is often associated with the weather but at bathrooms.com we are passionate about changing perceptions. Whether you prefer taking refreshing showers first thing in the morning or relaxing ones last thing at night, our range of showers should allow you to create the perfect shower experience.

The decision between a shower bath and a shower enclosure is often driven by both practical need (families with young children will generally look for over bath showers) and the dimensions of your bathroom (shower enclosures are often installed in en suites due to space limitations). In either case you can choose from three options for your shower set – a practical shower kit with detachable handset, a fixed shower head or a dual outlet allowing you to switch between both.

Our electric showers are ideal for households with a limited supply of hot water as they take water directly from the main cold water supply. For those with a large hot water tank and sufficient water pressure our thermostatic, manual, concealed and exposed shower valves allow you to control the flow of your shower.

Need help? Just give our customer service team a call who will be more than delighted to advise.

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