A good shower is an essential for most homes whether it’s to help everyone get ready quickly in the mornings, used after sports activities, ensures tired shoulders and backs are soothed after a long day, or creates an easy access bathing option. If there’s space within the room, a separate enclosure is useful, but if the room’s dimensions don’t allow it, a shower bath creates a two-in-one option, while a screen can make any suitable bath a showering space. When it comes to the look of your room, pick from shower heads and mixers with classic or contemporary credentials to get the look you love.

How to add a shower to your room

Space is key when it comes to fitting a shower. In a small bathroom or en suite, a shower enclosure may be all that space allows, while in a big room, a maximally sized enclosure along with a separate bath will create luxury hotel style without breaking the bank. If you have children, an over bath shower can be handy – and it’s ideal for a main bathroom that doesn’t have room for separate bath and shower fittings. You can keep your room sleek with slim fittings, or put the focus on the shower with a scaled-up shower head or traditional detail.

Pick the right showering essentials

You will need: tape measure, app, squared paper, pencil

  • Check out the water system you have in your home. Would an electric shower that takes water from the mains supply and heats it up instantly suit your needs? Do you want a more powerful shower, and prefer to go for a manual or thermostatic valve, together with a pump if necessary? Speak to a qualified plumber it you’re not sure about your water system, or your boiler or hot water storage capacity.

  • Decide on the position of your shower. If it’s separate, you’ll need to choose an enclosure and shower tray. There’s a wide range of shapes on offer, so you can create the optimum floorplan for your room. If the shower is over the bath, shop for bath designs if you’re going all new, or screens to keep the water in the shower area if you’re keeping your existing bath.

  • What about the shower head? Do you need one head or a combination, and do you need to be able to adjust the height of the shower depending on circumstances, or who’s using the room?

  • Think style: both concealed systems with the pipework recessed in the wall, or exposed versions that are surface mounted on the tiles and make a statement are available.

  • Use the app to make sure you’re happy with the scheme you’ve created before you order.

  • Remember to shop for wall tiles for the shower area at the same time.
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