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Electric and power shower units

If you only have a cold water supply to your bathroom then an electric system is the perfect solution and great value for money also. Electric units have their own built in heating element and do not require a hot water connection, only an electrical supply and cold water inlet. If you are considering replacing an existing electrical system, then you may wish to consider investing in a power shower, which has the added benefit of an integrated pump which will significantly improve low water pressure or boost your daily showering experience. Both electric and power system will work equally well in any type of enclosure or shower bath.

Creda brand

All of our electric and power shower units are expertly manufactured by the Creda brand, a market leader in the development of electric heating products. In recent times the famous Creda brand has also developed a very strong reputation with consumers for innovative instant electric showering. Along with great value for money they also offer premium style and functionality, with pristine white finishes plus multi function heads, for varying spray patterns plus fully adjustable riser rails including handset holder plus all fittings and fixings. Consult with your plumber for further advice on installing an electrical system and also take a look at theCreda website for more detailed information on the brand.

Easy installation

One of the key benefits of an electrical unit is how easy and convenient they are to install. We offer 8.5kw and 9.5kw units to cater for your power demands and installation can be completed easily and quickly, whether you are looking for a full bathroom upgrade or simply looking to replace an existing electrical system.

Concealed sets

If you would prefer all the modernity and style of a concealed shower then why not browse our wide selection of fantastic value combination sets and fittings, which include our designer accessories at amazing value prices. The major benefit of a recessed system is the lifetime and durability of the products, which are not as susceptible to erosion and damage, particularly in hard water areas.

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