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Choosing your ideal shower set

Whether you are replacing your existing shower or looking for a new system to suit your enclosure or shower bath we have over 500 sets available to choose from- one of the largest online selections. These include both exposed and concealed combinations which can be fully customised as you desire, and for added convenience each of our kits are complete with all required fittings and components for quick and easy installation.

Concealed or exposed showers

Remember to consider what type of set you would like as you can opt for a fully concealed shower, which is installed with all the pipe work completely recessed within the walls, creating a very sleek look which works very well with modern glass enclosures and designer tiles. This will also allow you to choose one, two, or as many as three different outlets and create your own custom combination from a wide array of outlets and attachments including fixed shower heads, rail kits with handset and body jets plus concealed bath fillers. The alternative option is an exposed shower, where the mixer valve is surface mounted on to your tiles. The most popular choice of exposed system is a bar shower mixer with a rail kit, this type of set is very easy and simple to install and also offers great value for money. You can also opt for an exposed combined all in one unit, where the mixer valve is fully integrated with a riser rail and attached handset, this works particularly well with any type of shower bath.

Shower Collections

To assist you in finding the perfect set we have expertly created six ranges across all of our shower products to help you quickly and easily choose the right design for you. Our six ranges include:

  • Stirling Essentials Collection - a great value modern collection
  • Provost Stainless Steel Collection - featuring highly durable brushed stainless steel shower heads
  • Leoni Ultra Thin Collection - our premium modern collection featuring signature 3mm thick shower heads
  • Neumann Waterfall Collection - offers sophisticated designs including a signature duel function shower head with waterfall cascade
  • Edwardian Classic Collection - offers classic apron shaped shower heads
  • Victorian Traditional Collection - includes the quintessential traditional watering can shaped shower head with all the reliability of modern construction

Whatever your style we guarantee you will find the perfect design to suit you, and all at great affordable prices.

Quality and safety

All of our sets are guaranteed for 10 years and have the best quality and safety features available in the market. Our collection shower mixers are completely Thermostatic, which means that they offer anti scald and water pressure balancing protection should your cold water supply fail. This makes them both practical and extremely safe to use. In addition, all of our mixers feature cool touch technology which ensures that any exposed controls remain cool to the touch and suitable for family households. The single cast solid brass construction of our concealed valves is of the highest quality and important to ensuring reliability and assurance against cracks and failures which could lead to costly leaks. All of our fixed rainfall heads are supplied with a solid brass arm and durable fittings for secure installation, and you can choose between a wall mounting or ceiling mounting within any of our collections. Our modern collection rainfall shower heads and handsets, also feature easy clean nozzle for convenient maintenance.

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