Where to start

Research has shown that there are two rooms that potential buyers focus on when viewing a property and that’s the kitchen and the bathroom. It’s no wonder, as we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms every day and a place we go to when we want a bit of quality ‘me’ time.

Choosing a new bathroom suite rather than individual elements can not only save costs but add to the look of a cohesive bathroom. This is a real opportunity to create something both practical and beautiful. In this guide we want to give you all the tools you need to narrow down your search and find the perfect bathroom suite for your home.

What space and needs am I trying to fulfil?

Before we begin exploring your options, you’ll need to assess the space you’re working with and what your primary needs are. A good starting point is to look at the water pressure in your home as this will dictate which products are right for you. A plumber will be able to advise correctly.

When planning a bathroom suite, it is also always best to plan around the position of your toilet as this will need to connect to your waste pipe which can be tricky to alter.

Ultimately you need to ask yourself if you want to create a relaxing oasis to soothe after a long day or more of a functional space, where you can take a quick shower before heading out of the door? This will no doubt be affected by who lives in your house too.

For example, if you have a family then a shower bath is probably the best option to suit the needs of your family as they grow older whereas a shower suite would meet the needs of someone with mobility impairments.

What’s my budget?

The good news is, there are bathroom suites to suit every budget, from £80 for a basin and toilet, to £1000 for a top of the range 3-piece designer suite. 

Buying a bathroom suite is the most cost-effective option compared to buying each individual element however if you’re after more of an eclectic look then you might want to choose products from separate ranges. Please remember that updating your bathroom can be a long-term project if you’re on a tight budget, so unless you want to, you don’t need to consider flooring, tiling, mirrors and cabinets just yet.

Cheap bathroom suites

If you’re budget is on the tighter end of the spectrum, then we’re here to help. Our Essential two-piece bathroom suite starts at just £79.99 and includes a back to wall toilet and you can choose between a pedestal, corner or wall hung basin.

If you’re looking for a three-piece bathroom suite, then the Essential range is functional yet stylish and prices start at;

Straight bath suites - £179.99

Shower suites - £159.99

Shower bath suites - £269.99

Designer bathroom suites

For a bathroom that really makes a style statement then a designer bathroom suite could be the one for you. Below is a selection of our sleekest designer ranges;

The Vittone signature range is available in two-piece suites and three-piece bath or shower suites. Prices range from the following;

Two-piece bath suites - £709.99

Three-piece bath suites -  £859.99

Three-piece bath suites - £929.99

Choosing the right type for you

There are lots of different types of bathroom suites available so to help you decide which might be suitable for your bathroom, we’ll briefly summarise the main differences and the pros and cons of each type.

Cloakroom suites

If you’re looking to revamp your cloakroom, then you’ll want to concentrate your search on the different cloakroom suites available. These are 2-piece suites, consisting of a toilet and a bathroom sink.

Pros: Space saving toilets and sinks are great for cloakrooms. A corner toilet or a corner bathroom sink could help further as they fit within a corner of your cloakroom, great for when you don’t have much wall space. Cloakroom toilets often have a smaller flush capacity which is great for saving water (and reducing your water bills if you’re on a water meter!)

Cons: Cloakroom sinks aren’t as spacious as those found in main bathrooms so you might struggle to do more than just wash your hands in them.

Cost: £90 - £230

Freestanding bathroom suites

A 3-piece freestanding bathroom suite usually consists of a freestanding bath or a roll top bath that is situated in isolation or positioned along a wall, a toilet and a bathroom sink. Most are installed in the main bathroom in a home but they can also fit in large ensuites. Unless you’re purely a bather you’ll want to fit in a shower too or at the very least, a bath shower mixer.

You can create something extra special when you select the different elements of the suite to make your perfect bathroom. For instance, with the Linear Designer 3 Piece Bath Suite you get the Linear bath and then you can mix and match from a range of toilets and basins.

Pros: As well as looking elegant and stylish this type of suite allows you to mix and match.

Cons: Freestanding baths take up more space than a standard bath but this mightn’t concern you if you have a large bathroom. If you want to be able to shower in your bath, you’ll need to choose a suitable shower screen.

Cost: £430 - £1,200

Two piece bathroom suites

These consist of a toilet and a bathroom sink. You can find our selection of two-piece bathroom suites here where you can see which products you can interchange as part of each set. Please note that products will need to be from the same range to be included as part of the suite.

Pros: Great for a partial refresh of your bathroom. Suits all sizes of bathrooms, from cloakrooms to main bathrooms to ensuites.

Cons: You mightn’t be able to resist updating your bathroom or shower once your new sink and toilet are in place!

Cost: £80 - £350

Three piece bathroom suites

All bathroom suites contain a toilet and sink but you can interchange between a bath or shower. If you’re not a fan of baths or if you have a small bathroom you may be drawn to a three piece with a shower. If you love soaking in a bubble bath after a long day, then you’ll probably want a three piece with a bath. Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to mix and match within a set range.

There are many different shapes of showers on offer from: quadrant, hinged, or corner showers. For more detailed information, check out our showers guide.

For three piece bathroom suites that include a bath, you could choose from a straight, freestanding (as mentioned further up this page) or a shower bath. If you want the option of having the occasional shower, then a shower bath suite offers the best of both worlds.

An L-shaped bath is a shower bath with a larger cubed area at one end, giving the bath the shape of a capital L. A P-shaped bath is has a large curved area at one end rather than a cube and looks like a capital P. They do enable a more spacious bathing experience but can use more water than straight baths so bear this in mind if you’re on a water meter.

Pros: You can revamp the three main elements of your bathroom and save money, when you compare the suite price to buying everything separately.  For instance, with the purse-friendly Essential Bathroom 3 Suite you save an extra 16% when you buy it as a package.

Cons: There are limitations to the mix and match so if they might not always be suitable if you’re trying to work within a small space.

Cost: £160 - £600

Other things to consider

Materials and Colours

You can customise a traditional white bath with an attractive bath panel in black, light oak or walnut. All of our bathroom suites are made from acrylic because it’s easy to clean, lightweight and hard-wearing.

If you choose to have a white bathroom suite, then you’ll know it’ll remain timeless. You can always inject some colour into your bathroom with tiles and furniture.

Working with smaller spaces

If you have a small bathroom, then you might want to explore suites with shower baths as they’re a great space saving option.

Our cloakroom suites are the most economical when it comes to working with smaller bathrooms. You might want to look at our wall hung or back to wall toilets as they take up less space than traditional close coupled toilets as the cistern is hidden inside your wall. Anything that fits in to a corner will also save vital wall space!


You’ll ideally want to choose your basin and bath taps from the same range so the look across your whole bathroom is the consistent but you can mix and match if you prefer. You can choose to have surface mounted or freestanding taps, hot & cold taps, mixer taps, waterfall taps to name just a few! For help deciding which are the right ones for you, please check out our taps guide.

To save money without compromising on style make sure you also check out our combination tap sets.

What’s the water pressure like in my home?

It’s very important that you find out what the water pressure is in your home as this will impact on what taps and showers you can choose to go with your new bathroom suite. Water pressure is measured in bars, with 1 bar being the force needed to raise water to a height of 10 metres. 

Your water pressure can change depending on how much water is being used in your local area at a given time. It will be lower if lots of people are running baths/washing their dishes for example.

High water pressure

If you have a combi-boiler system, then you’ll have high water pressure. Your water pressure rating will normally be displayed on your combi-boiler, which Is very handy. Most taps and showers are suitable for high water pressure systems of 1 bar and above but please check the product description before purchasing as we state the minimum, maximum and recommended pressure.

Low water pressure

If you have a low pressure gravity system (i.e. a water tank in your loft filled with cold water and a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard) you will have low water pressure which is considered to be 0.3 bar and below. Make sure the taps/shower you choose is suitable before purchase.

Complementing your style

Revamping your bathroom is a chance to start afresh and create a place of harmony and tranquillity. Perhaps you’re replacing a suite you inherited when you bought your house or you simply want to put your own stamp on a room that’s been neglected in the past? Now is your chance!

Get ready to be inspired as we talk you through our recommendations for four of the most popular styles of bathrooms. The hard part will be choosing which one you like most for your bathroom!

Bathroom Suites for contemporary and modern bathrooms

Cutting edge design is key for this style of bathroom. We love the Cubitt Designer three piece bath suite which has been specially created to maximise the space available in smaller bathrooms. The toilet has a square pan and looks like it belongs in a modern mansion. We love the L shaped shower bath which gives you plenty of room to take a shower. To finish the bath and basin off we’d recommend taps from the Provost or Monaco ranges.

For larger bathrooms, why not consider the Maderno Signature three piece bath suite? This suite is all about stylish curves and complimented with taps from the Mercer or Casson ranges.

Bathroom Suites for country and seaside bathrooms

Country and seaside bathrooms are all about character rather than cutting edge design.

A traditional looking suite, such as the Edwardian or the Victorian are great options for this theme and matching taps complete this look.

Bathroom Suites for spa style bathrooms

As soon as you step through the door to a spa inspired bathroom you’ll want a room that lives and breathes tranquillity. The Rinaldi Signature 3 piece bath suite with its freestanding bath is extra indulgent. If the space in your bathroom allows, then a freestanding suite can be a real statement and definitely channel the luxury of a spa experience.

The Janssen Signature three piece suite is sophisticated and stylish and the entire suite ticks every aesthetic box of a spa style bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom Suites

For a traditional bathroom, you’ll probably want to keep things simple. which gives you more flexibility with the rest of your bathroom.

If you’d want the best of both worlds, then we’d recommend the cost effective Essential Bathroom 3 piece set. It looks smart and suits bathrooms of all sizes.

If you’re trying to create a period look, then opt for either the Edwardian or the Victorian.

We’ve given you a taste of the different styles you can choose from but to explore our full range of suites please click here

Summary: ‘In short’ should be a short summary of all of the above, picking out the key points. It will likely reference points made in the introduction.

 ‘Extras’ is a chance to reference any other product that compliments the purchase – from a customer focus point of view, rather than a sales push. Remember to always keep content informative and if you feel like you’re stating the obvious, repeating yourself or not providing anything of value

All that’s left now is for you to go and find your new bathroom suite. This guide should help dispel any myths and enlighten you as to which bathroom suite is the best option for your needs. If you need additional help visualising your new bathroom then make sure you download the Bathrooms.com app so you can see your potential new suite in situ. Happy shopping!

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