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Common Causes of Shower Drain Smells

20th Apr 2021 5 mins

To help you find the culprit of your shower drain smells, we've created this handy guide to get your bathroom back to looking – and smelling – fresh!

How To Install Underfloor Heating

23rd Mar 2021 5 mins

There's nothing worse than stepping out of a warm shower or hot bath onto cold flooring, but there's a simple solution that will make bath time all the more relaxing – underfloor heating!

DIY Ways to Update Your Bathroom

2nd Mar 2021 8 mins

Is your bathroom looking more dingy and depressing than uplifting and inspiring, we've got some simple DIY bathroom tips to help transform your space.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Warm in Winter

2nd Mar 2021 5 mins

We’ve got plenty of great warm bathroom ideas including luxurious technology, appealing design choices and cosy accessories. Read our top tips on how to warm up a cold bathroom below.

How to Create the Perfect Guest Bathroom

2nd Mar 2021 6 mins

Read our guide on how to design a guest bathroom and with just a few small tweaks, you can have a new favourite room in the house in no time.

Child-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

1st Mar 2021 6 mins

Read our guide on how to design a child-friendly bathroom, while still maintaining a stylish look.

Transform Your Bathroom Into a Luxury Spa

1st Mar 2021 6 mins

Read our guide and learn how to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa with the help of The Bathroom Showroom