How to Maintain Mindfulness in Your Bathroom

In recent years, the term mindfulness has been widely referenced. For most, it was the pandemic that brought about this increased interest. During this time, many of us began to re-think our work-life balance. This resulted in paying more attention to our well-being. Yet, post-pandemic, we’re now moving back into that hectic world once more. So, it's more important than ever to maintain that balance we've found and created.

How to Shower Better for Fabulous Skincare

There’s nothing more relaxing than stepping into the shower to wash away the day's stresses. Likewise, an invigorating shower first thing in the morning is a fantastic way to start your day. But, showering is also a fabulous time to attend to self-care and your skincare routine.

What Are the Best Plants for Bathrooms?

A charming addition, bathroom houseplants can help make a bathroom feel like a retreat!

How to Create an Inspiring Bathroom Mood Board

Are you looking to create a new bathroom design but not sure how to get started? With so many spectacular bathroom suites, trends, and looks, it can seem overwhelming. But this doesn't have to be the case when you use a mood board.

The Amazing Benefits of Having a Clean Bathroom

Everybody loves the look and feel of a clean bathroom. Yet, keeping this room tidy and organised can also help your mental and emotional health.

How to Use Colour To Create a Calm Bathroom Environment

For many of us, our bathroom is a sanctuary, an oasis, a room in the home where we go to unwind after a long hard day.

Tips for a Stress-Free Children’s Bath Time

As a parent, creating the best bath and bedtime routine for your child is important for everyone in the home. A relaxing bath routine can end the day well and help all family members get a good night's sleep!