Before you buy a new bathroom suite, it’s essential to measure your space so you know the products you’ve selected will fit and work well together. This guide will take you through the simple steps required to get a complete bathroom measurement. 
- If you have a Virtual Appointment, please send your measurements to the Virtual Team before your appointment to give us a better idea of the space you’re working with. 
- If you have an In-store Showroom Appointment, please bring your measurements with you on the day of your appointment. 
Carefully measure and record the following measurements in millimeters on a piece of paper: 
(1) Room length and width - make sure you measure from wall to wall.
(2) Room height - measure from floor to ceiling. If you have a sloping ceiling record the highest and lowest points. 
Position of the toilet (if applicable) - note down the direction of the soil pipe - does it exit into the floor, straight out the wall behind the pan or to the side? 
(3) Windows and door length and width - be sure to measure from the outside edges of the door frame.
Make a note of the distance from the nearest wall to the window and nearest wall to the door.
Finally, with any windows, measure the distance between the window sill and the floor and record this on your plan.
(4) Any major obstructions? - Tell us about any boxed-in pipes, airing cupboards or any other fixed items that we will need to take into account in the bathroom design.
Your finished measurements may look something like this - feel free to add any notes, ideas, or useful information that can help us make your dream bathroom a reality.
  • Please take a photo of your finished floorplan, and send it to the Virtual Team alongside some pictures of your bathroom if possible.
  • If you're having an in-store appointment, please bring your floorplan with you to your appointment.
Need help with your measurements? Our bathroom experts are on hand to help - simply click the icon at the bottom right to start a video or text chat with us.
Many of our showrooms offer a measure up service when you book an appointment in store. Find your nearest showroom here.