Where to start

Your bathroom is a sanctuary to either freshen up in the morning or unwind during the evening, so having your bathroom essentials neatly stored away can help start or end your day in the right frame of mind.

From pipe hiding vanity units to storing small essentials in a medicine cabinet, there are quirks of each bathroom storage solution.

Your options

Choosing a cabinet for your bathroom

Vanity units

Traditionally vanity units are cabinets with either a set of drawers or cupboard underneath for storage. Complete with an inset basin, these can be free standing or affixed to a wall.

By turning the space underneath the basin into a storage area, this option maximises the space available. Just make sure you choose one with the right dimensions for your room.

Need to know: If you choose a wall hung vanity unit it’s worth noting that your wall might need reinforcement. If you’re unsure of the strength of your wall, a general rule of thumb is that it will most likely need additional support if it sounds hollow when tapped. For ultimate peace of mind, we’ll always recommend you seek the help of a professional. 

Cost: £70 - £400

Alternatively, you could look at getting a corner vanity unit if you have a cloakroom or smaller bathroom. These petite units fit into the corner of a room and help to minimise clutter.

Cost: £80 - £160

Mirror cabinets

Mirror cabinets can have a single, double or triple panel door. Usually best placed above a sink, their mirrored doors will add additional light to your bathroom.

Illuminated cabinets are a type of mirror cabinet with the addition of an LED light. They’re multi-purpose, modern and easy to install by an electrician.

Need to know: They must be installed at least 60cm away from the taps to prevent spray or splashing. You can still place the illuminated cabinet above your sink but it needs to be higher up the wall than a standard mirror cabinet would need to be.

Cost: £70 - £250

Storage units

Storage (or freestanding) units are great for neatly placing or hiding away whatever you see fit - from towels to all your bathroom essentials. There are plenty of size options from a tall boy  to a simple shelf.

These items are great if you are looking to change the layout of your bathroom as these items are relatively simple to move around.

Cost: £80 - £300


Now you’re well versed on the different types of storage options for your bathroom, it’s time to consider the type of finish that is suited to your needs. The two most popular finishes stocked on bathrooms.com are wood and gloss.

Wood finish storage cabinets

Wood is a durable choice that ages well and will stand the test of time particularly well if treated with a water resistant material. Luckily the wooden cabinets stocked on bathrooms.com are water resistant and come with a 10 year guarantee.

The bathrooms.com range is available in light oak, ivory, black or grey which all will create a different look.  If your favourite cabinet isn’t available in your desired colour, then why not upcycle it with a lick or paint or wood stain?

Cost: £50 - £300

Gloss finish storage cabinets

Cabinets with a gloss finish such as this model are durable, easy to clean and have a modern feel. Their reflective properties can also help your room feel more spacious. White and black are the most popular shades stocked on bathrooms.com. Note that a dark coloured gloss cabinet make fingerprints more visible.

Cost: £70 - £450

What else?

Shelving (product range is quite small but it might be worth mentioning any buying queries surrounding these


Bathrooms.com shelves are made from premium engineered wood and are guaranteed for ten years so will stand the test of time. If you rent, it’s worth considering your landlord’s permission to put up shelves so this is something you might need to consider.

Cost: £60 - £80

Styling & Installation

Complementing your style

Need inspiration for a particular theme? Then look no further than our suggestions for modern, traditional, country and spa style bathrooms.

Bathroom storage for contemporary and modern bathrooms

Gloss cabinets are a must for a sleek, modern bathroom. We particularly like the Burges White 400 Wall Hung Tall Storage Unit as it’s high impact, minimalist yet with plenty of storage

For smaller bathrooms we recommend either the Essential White 300 Freestanding Laundry Storage Unit or the Essential White 550 Freestanding Vanity Unit with Sink.

For multipurpose storage, you can’t go wrong with the Maderno Illuminated Mirrored Cabinet. Its two door sleek design will look great in any modern bathroom.

Bathroom storage for country and seaside bathrooms

For a country or seaside themed bathroom, then choose something with bundles of character. We love the charming Salisbury range in ivory and grey. 

You could also add a Renwick Light Oak 1100 Wall Hung Storage Shelf to hold your beauty essentials and display your trinkets.

Bathroom storage for spa style bathrooms

Cabinets in a gloss finish will rival any spa and create a luxurious feel.  The Loft White 800 Depth Freestanding Vanity Unit with Sink is stylish and simple with extensive storage if your product collection also mirrors a spa!

For smaller bathrooms, you could look at the perfectly formed Rivera White 405 Cloakroom Freestanding Vanity Unit with Sink or Nash Oak 400 Cloakroom Freestanding Vanity Unit with Sink.

However big or small your bathroom is, why not consider the Maderno Illuminated Cabinet too?

Bathroom storage for traditional bathrooms

For traditional bathrooms, wooden cabinets are a great choice. The Salisbury Ivory 600 Freestanding Vanity Unit with Sink would look great next to a roll-top bath.

The Verity Ivory 500 Freestanding Storage Unit is made from Tulipwood and painted in a soft white. It has two handy soft close drawers and will be perfect for storing your beauty essentials. It’s also available in pale grey which gives a vintage feel.

Complete the look with a mirror over your bathroom sink such as the verity ivory mirror or verity grey mirror which will match your cabinets and tie everything together.

Installing your cabinets

All of our cabinets come pre-built and you shouldn’t need a professional to install your cabinet or shelf, unless you choose a vanity unit that requires plumbing a sink.

The basins for the bathrooms.com vanity units are supplied in separate packaging to the units but are simple to put together.  If your cabinet does include a sink, then we highly recommend you get a plumber to fit it for you.



Your further knowledge of bathroom storage will make choosing a storage solution a doddle!

The right bathroom unit has the potential to help create a clutter free environment which will create a sense of calm. Happy searching!

For help on choosing your sink, bath, and heated towel rail, please check out our other handy guides.

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