The focal point of most bathrooms, the bath makes a statement, so a great design is crucial. If you have the space available, there’s nothing to beat a freestanding bath for luxury. Back to wall versions have the same look without creating an equal demanding too much floor space. Straight baths – either single or double ended – suit most rooms, but also consider a corner bath to maximise the space you have, or choose a shower bath to fit two essentials in one footprint. Think about the look as well. Whether you’re after a scheme that’s classic or contemporary, there’s a bath to suit.

How to decide on a new bath

The space available in your room is key to your choice of bath. Generously sized rooms will create a designer vibe with a freestanding bath that makes use of the floor area rather than leaving it empty. Does your room need a shower, too? If so, decide whether this is a separate enclosure, or needs to be over the bath, which will guide your choice. A new bath needn’t match the other fittings in your room, but do ensure you work to the same lines, whether that’s sinuous or sharp.

Buying tips for your bath

You will need: tape measure, app, squared paper, pencil

  • Measure the space. You need to ensure you’ll have a space of at least 60cm in front of the bath.

  • Choose the type of bath and also the style: both traditional and modern are on offer. If you’re revamping your whole bathroom, take a look at baths from the same range as the basin and toilet plus other designs – you needn’t go for a matching suite to get a great result.

  • Use the app to check how the bath will look in your room.

  • Think about the taps. If you’re going for a freestanding bath, does the design you like allow for surface mounted taps, or will you need floorstanding taps instead? Some designs give you the option. You will need to allow space for any floorstanding taps as well as the bath in your new bathroom scheme. For other designs you may have the choice of surface mounted or wall mounted taps. Bear in mind that the side of the bath will generally need to be drilled to create tap holes.

  • Do you need a bath panel? Straight baths can be finished with a choice of side and end panels. White will keep your bathroom light filled, and is a good choice for small rooms, but consider black for an on-trend monochrome room scheme, or get the look of rich, mid or light-toned wood for a warm and fashionable materials mix in your bathroom. Consider textured designs as well, which will help make the bath the centrepiece of the room.
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