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P Baths

Our range of curved P baths come in 1500mm, 1600mm and 1700mm lengths and maintain a classic style whilst incorporating several features that make them ideal for the dual use of showering and bathing. These features include steep sides, a flat bottom and a reinforced shower area along with a screen designed for specific use with the baths. In addition, our screens come with a 180 degree hinge, extending the already spacious bathing area by giving you the flexibility of opening them into or out of the bath.

All our P baths come with 20mm of adjustment allowing you to install with ease whilst retaining a water tight shower bath. This feature is complimented by a sleek minimal frame which has a curved edge against the wall for a stylish finish.

Finally, if you are thinking about a family bathroom, our P shaped shower screens are manufactured at just the right height to deflect any splashes heading in the wrong direction whilst the tempered safety glass provides re-assurance against any kids toys being thrown around the room.

Check the most popular package available for the 1500mm, 1600mm and 1700mm p baths!

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