10 Must-Haves for Family Bathrooms

Published: 1st Apr 2022Read Time: 5 min

Family bathrooms are often the busiest and most crowded rooms in the home, especially early morning. Unfortunately for many, they are also the more chaotic and disorganised rooms that require the most work. However, a family bathroom doesn't have to be a continual nightmare to navigate just because more people are using this room. Though there may be increased demands on a family bathroom, several clever family bathroom ideas can help make this room flow. The Bathroom Showroom suggests ten must-haves that every family bathroom can benefit from.

1. Easy-access storage

Any family bathroom design should work on the basis that there’s no such thing as too much bathroom storage space.
Combine accessible storage units that younger family members can reach, along with units that keep certain items out of reach for safety. Even better, allocate designated areas here to avoid arguments during peak bathroom times, and keep the floor clear.

2. Several bathroom mirrors

More than one mirror in a family bathroom allows several people to get ready, thus avoiding angry scenes at the bathroom door. At The Bathroom Showroom, we always recommend having one mirror per vanity task.
Try having a mirror for one family member to do their hair and makeup and another for one to brush their teeth, minimum. Both the Hib Globe and the iflo Vela mirror models allow portrait or landscape fitting to suit many tasks.

3. Lots of hanging space

There's nothing more annoying or unsightly than towels strewn around the bathroom, especially when they're wet. By dotting small towel rings around the room, all family members can hang their towels up after they've finished using them. Hooks placed on the back of the bathroom door can also hold all bathrobes.

4. A laundry hamper

A large family bathroom idea that helps with domestic chores is that of a laundry hamper or laundry basket. If every member is made aware of the positioning of this must-have product, they’ll never have a reason to leave socks and pants on the bathroom floor.

5. A seating area

Having a small seating area in a family bathroom means that you have somewhere to sit while you supervise the kids in the bathroom. Yet, you can also opt for something stylish here to encourage a modern family bathroom look. Additionally you can select seating that doubles up as a storage holder underneath.

6. A dual toilet roll holder with shelf

Something all families will relate to is the speed at which many members go through toilet rolls. Having a dual toilet roll holder means never running out of toilet roll at the most inconvenient moment!. Plus, with a shelf on top, you can store even more toilet rolls in the room.

7. A combination shower/bath

If you can’t accommodate a separate shower and bath, why not add a shower bath, like the iflo Metz? Matching a shower bath with an iflo Metz L Shaped Bath Screen, you instantly free up room. What’s more, with this combo, you’ll never have to compromise on baths for the little ones and showers for the older ones again.

8. A step/footstool

Hugely popular in many bathrooms with children is a small step or footstool. These allow younger members of the family to reach the sinks with ease and brush their teeth independently. A footstool is also valuable when it comes to the toilet training process.

9. A bathroom sensor light

Bathroom night lights allow all family members to safely visit the bathroom in the dark and see what they’re doing. Rechargeable by USB cable, these can be charged during the day and placed in the bathroom each night.
Better still, having a night light switch on when you enter and off when you leave means no more bright lights waking the entire household and no lights left on throughout the night.

10. Vinyl flooring

Easy to clean and maintain flooring choices are crucial in family bathrooms. If you have young members using this room regularly, a must-have flooring choice is vinyl flooring. This boasts a softer cushioned surface in case of accidents but won't be ruined by damp and looks great.

Bathroom Must-Haves Greatly Improve the Family Bathroom Experience

In family bathrooms, everything included and used in this busy space should focus on functionality, benefiting all members of the home.
By adding some of these current bathroom must-haves you can ensure a most practical bathroom while creating a calmer environment in the process.
If you’re looking for further inspiration on creating a family bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.