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Posted: November 2019

If you were to ask a group of interior designers to explain what a contemporary bathroom looks like, expect to be given a wonderful range of different ideas - some of which will grab you more than others. 

That's the beauty of a contemporary approach to renovating a bathroom: it's not about sticking rigidly to a rulebook, nor is it about adopting a look that happens to be in fashion this month. 

Above all, modelling a contemporary bathroom should mean channeling whatever it is that inspires you. That inspiration might flow from current trends, but it can also involve taking traditional features, or those which evoke a particular setting, and giving them a new interpretation. On top of all this, it's easy to integrate clever engineering and quality materials, so your contemporary bathroom can be both eco-friendly and built to withstand busy family usage. 

Yes, the big essentials such as bath or shower choice are important; but when it comes to putting your individual stamp on the room and getting the look just right, carefully-chosen bathroom accessories can make all the difference.

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A contemporary bathroom can often involve a transitional approach; taking more than one design idea and blending them in a way that suits your particular tastes. You can see this approach in action where bathrooms incorporate traditional and modern elements side by side. 

Let's say, for instance, that you want your bathroom to have a strong modern emphasis: flowing lines, an absence of clutter, and simple, clean fixtures. Yet, especially if, your home was built in the Edwardian era, you might also want to integrate items that provide a nod to this heritage and that complement similar architectural features elsewhere in the building.

So in this example, the modern element of your design might incorporate a simple oval freestanding bath, with a similarly streamlined basin and WC.

These might co-exist with a handful of fittings that are much more traditional in style, such as iflo's Cereme towel radiator, consisting of ornamental chrome work with an Edwardian-style white column radiator in the centre. A further vintage touch might be provided by a traditional bucket-drencher shower fixture featuring an ornate ceramic and chrome lever.

With this transitional approach, whether it's 'old and new', or perhaps combining inspirations from different locations, the emphasis is on not necessarily kitting out your bathroom with items that all share the same theme or descriptive label. Rather, it's about combining elements in whichever way is going to work best for you.

It's not difficult to see why this particular contemporary theme has become so popular: the style is distinctly metro chic; yet when they are done in the right way, boutique hotel bathrooms work wonderfully on a practical level too.

If you would like to recreate it, it's worth paying particular attention to the wash station. Twin basins are the norm; as useful at morning rush hour in a busy family setting as they are at check-out time in a city hotel. The accessories you introduce can really make you carry off the look. 

For example, instead of a single mirror spanning the width of both basins, you could add an individual mirror above each of them. This clean, symmetrical effect can also be enhanced by mounting a glass shelf under each mirror. This could go even further by flanking each side with stylish chrome or glass fittings for soap holders, tumblers, and towels. Whatever you choose to add, the end result should create that distinctly smart hotel ambience, as well as giving you a wash station layout that suits your particular usage preferences.  

Contemporary bathroom design for floor space and light can be summed up as "making the most of what you've got". Part of this involves using accessories to give you a helping hand in creating your desired effect - even where the layout of the space is challenging

Here, the right choice of mirror can help you on multiple fronts. For example, in smaller bathrooms, a prominent mirror can help to create the illusion of greater space. Mirrors are also great for capturing and augmenting natural light, helping the room feel more welcoming in the daytime. An LED back-lit mirror can be another great way of adding a touch of contemporary design to your bathroom. The soft light from the mirror can instantly add a layer of ambient lighting to the space - ideal for a subtly-lit soak.

Accessories in a contemporary bathroom do not necessarily have to blend into the background, though. On the contrary, a carefully chosen fitting can become a centrepiece in its own right. Radiators are a brilliant example. While a sleek ladder design can seamlessly blend in, in a range of contemporary settings, an asymmetrical designer model can become a standout feature - reinforcing the contemporary feel of the room.

Adding accessories to personalise your bathroom and perfect the look you're after is one of the most exciting aspects of bathroom renovation. For further help on choosing the right items, and for advice on all aspects of your project, browse our range online or visit your 
local Bathroom Showroom.

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