Choosing Your Perfect Shower: The Mira Mode Maxim

Posted: November 2019

There is nothing more frustrating than a poor shower. Where most showers are used either daily or every other day, having a shower that performs even remotely under how you want it to can become frustrating. A shower that is slightly too short, or at slightly the wrong angle may sound like a minor inconvenience but, day-after-day, it can begin to grate. It is for this reason that, when planning your ideal bathroom, you need to be extra careful when choosing your shower.

Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we have a large selection of showers to choose from. These range from basic, inexpensive, showers to more luxurious digital or electric showers. No matter what it is you want, we are sure to have something in our collection that you find suitable for your home.

That being said, today, in this article, we wanted to talk to you about something a little bit special. It is a shower that has been talked about a fair bit in the interior design sector recently, due to how well designed it is. That shower is by the world famous shower brand, Mira, and is known as the Mira Mode Maxim.

The Mira Mode Maxim
Mira are a very well-known brand within the shower industry. With a history dating back to 1921, and now a part of the Kohler Mira group, Mira have grown a reputation for incredibly hard wearing, well-made showers over the years. This means the Mira Mode Maxim is shower with a legacy behind it, being the product of years of design and research expertise.
Aesthetically, the Mira Mode Maxim has a contemporary design. With a round and curvaceous look, it will modernise any bathroom. The Mira Mode Maxim is sophisticated, with simple controls, and has been designed towards creating the ultimate shower experience.

What is the Mira Mode Maxim?
The Mira Mode Maxim is the extension to the Mira Mode digital shower, designed by Mira and taking shower design to the next level. It comprises of both a 300mm deluge shower head and a hand shower head, both of which are innovative in their own ways. The Mira Mode Maxim is a digital shower, with a switch to easily cross between the two different shower heads. Each has been designed to create a whole different series of showering experience, meaning the shower can be tailored exactly to what you personally enjoy.
This means that the Mira Mode Maxim is a highly customisable designer shower. It has been designed with luxury in mind, and as Mira say, it has been created to provide “an immersive shower experience like no other”.  

Mira Mode Maxim

Digital Mixer
There are several variations of the Mira Mode Maxim depending on the water system – whether it need to be high pressure or whether it needs to be pumped for a gravity fed system. This means there is a Mira Mode Maxim variation that is suitable for any system. It is provided with a 5 year warranty and has a fantastic name behind it, meaning you can be rest assured that it is built to last.

Digital showers have been designed to help enhance the showering experience. Rather than having to gamble with temperature or having inconsistent showers, a digital shower sets it to the perfect temperature each and every time. It used technology to enhance the showering experience.

Easy to Use
One of the fundamental principles behind the Mira Mode Maxim is making it as accessible as possible to use. Due to the digital functionality, swapping between the different showering functions is as easy as pushing a button. The temperature is controlled and set with a simple rotary temperature control dial. 

The different head options are to saturate you in water, to stimulate, to soothe, and to soak, depending on what it is you want. The deluge shower head comes with a similar number of options, ready to suit any mood you may have. They can be switched between with ease, and that is one of the things that makes the Mira Mode Maxim special. 

The technology that runs the Mira Mode Maxim is unique to Mira. Mira’s innovative CloudCoreTM technology ensures a unique overhead experience combined with  thermostatic control with real digital intelligence to it. It will indicate when your shower is at your desired temperature, making the cold shower flush when you enter the shower first thing in the morning a thing of the past.

One really nice touch with the Mira Mode Maxim is that it has a built in timer. This means you can have a shower last as long as you want it to last. Where not necessary, this is a fantastic little bonus feature to ensure your shower lasts precisely the length of time you want.
The Mira Mode Maxim is designed for both en-suites and family bathrooms. There are a few built in features that can be used to ensure that the shower is as safe as possible. With functionality to set your maximum temperatures, you can rest assured that the shower will never exceed the temperature limit you decide.  

So, what about the technical side? Well, the Mira Mode Maxim has valve options for both high and low pressure systems. The low pressure variant contains a built in pump to boost the flow of water. It can take pressures from as little as 0.1bar up to 1bar of pressure and deliver flow rates of up to 12ltrs per minute. The high pressure variant, designed for combi boilers or unvented cylinders takes pressures of up to 5 bar. The Mira Mode Maxim’s thermostatic capability ensures temperature stability to = or - 1 degree. 

The digital mixer uses 15mm push fit isolators, with the same being used for the outlet. Finally, it uses a low voltage data cable, with a supply voltage of 230v +10%, supplied at a rate of 3 amp.

The Mira Mode Maxim is easy to maintain and comes with the necessary push fit isolators needed. It has easily replaceable checkvalves and filters. The Mira Mode Maxim is also easy to clean, making it a fantastic shower to have installed in your bathroom.

The Mira Mode Maxim
The Mira Mode Maxim is one of those showers that excites and that is worth talking about because it represents the future of showering. When looking at the common shower, it is easy to take it at face value. A shower is 20 minutes a day, where water comes in on top of you and you get clean. How can that be improved?

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