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Quality Guides For Folding, Glass, And Frameless Bath Screens 

Posted: November 2019

Bath Screens
Positioning a shower fixture directly above your bath can be a useful way of maximising space in a compact bathroom. But whether you opt for a classic single-ended tub, or perhaps a P-shaped or L-shaped showerbath, your choice can bring a stylish focal point to your bathroom environment. It can reinforce the look and feel you wish to create - whether traditional, modern, or contemporary.

Your bath screen has an important job to do in sectioning off your bath to provide a leak-free, and splash-free, showering and bathing experience. At the same time, your bath screen can also enhance the visual impact of your bath, influencing the overall character of your bathroom. To help you decide which type of bath screen is right for your bathroom renovation plan, here's our breakdown of how folding, fixed panel, and frameless screens can work in practice.

iflo Kalhatti

Instead of opening outwards into your bathroom, the panels of a folding bath screen concertina into each other. This can be especially useful if your bath is positioned very close to the basin or WC unit, and prevention of the screen rebounding against the unit becomes a priority. 

It's also a good choice if you want to avoid your shower screen from overlapping with the opening arc of your bathroom door. This type of screen proves to be very handy in a family setting too: it's easy to simply fold back the screen and keep it out of the way during children's bath time.

If you like to cocoon yourself away from the rest of the bathroom at shower time, look closely at
 iflo's Kalhatti 4-frame folding screen or iflo's Edessa 4 folding panel. This helps give the feeling that you really are in a separate 'shower zone' in a similar way to a dedicated shower cubicle.  

In terms of presentation, a folding bath screen offers a great deal of versatility. When it's not in use, you have the option keeping the screen folded back to open up your bathroom. Equally, you can choose to have your screen fully extended all the time, where the elegant simplicity of the design can really add character to a modern or contemporary space.

Offering a clean, effective way of sectioning off your shower area, a single panel bath screen can work equally as well in a modern, contemporary, or traditional bathroom space. The iflo Apsley single panel screen is a prime example: combining handsome polished aluminium fixings and a chrome effect frame finish. 

Space needn't be a worry for you either. If you opt for a dedicated L-shaped or P-shaped showerbath, perfect for compact spaces, single panel screens designed to precisely fit the bath are also available.

Double panel screens feature a fixed panel with a hinged door. If you are looking for extra storage space,  one option is the Edessa double panel screen, which has anti-limescale treated 6mm safety glass and a chrome effect frame finish.

A sheer glass panel effect, without ornamentation and without a frame, can be precisely the type of minimalist feature that can finish off a modern bathroom beautifully. A frameless bath screen can also work well if you want to give the impression of greater openness in a smaller bathroom: the absence of a metallic frame helps you avoid breaking up the space. 

Framed screens have evolved into more 'statement pieces' in modern bathrooms. Metallic frames can offer presence and decoration in bathroom spaces more akin to traditional in style, for instance. Yet framed designs can be versatile, and will also work well in contemporary or modern bathroom spaces. Choosing between a frameless or framed bath screen, therefore, really depends on the overall design of your bathroom and what you feel would better suit it. Of course, iflo's personal design service at showrooms is perfect place to see which works best for you.

It's important to check that your screen will be able to withstand a strong shower flow (especially if you want to fit a power shower). That's why it's important to make sure your bath screen comes thoroughly tested to ensure they are suitable for use under normal showering circumstances. The addition of toughened safety glass also adds that little extra bit of reassurance, too.


Should you be attracted to clean, transparent glass panels as a way of adding a contemporary style statement to your bathroom. Keeping the screen free from streaks, limescale, and soap residue is important to retain this pristine look. Fortunately, iflo bath screens are treated with Lifeshield protective coating which repels dirt and limescale, making it easier to keep the screen looking as good as new.

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