When choosing a new bathroom basin, there are several options to decide on. You’ll need to think about the space that you have available, what style you’d like your new bathroom to be, and what type of bathroom sink would best suit your space. Our quick and handy bathroom buying guide is designed to help you select the best basin for your bathroom layout.

Which Bathroom Sink Is Best for Your Space?

To begin, think about what type of bathroom the basin is for and how much space you have available. For cloakrooms, ensuites, and very small bathrooms, corner basins and cloakroom basins are a fantastic option as they are compact and can be paired with furniture to maximise storage. Most of our suites have a corner or cloakroom basin option.
For larger bathrooms, you can opt for whichever style of basin suits the design of your new bathroom. From beautiful soft basins, like those Roca Modo Soft Basins, to wall hung basins like those in the superb iflo collections, the choice really is yours when you have plenty of space to play with in your bathroom.
To view our full range of basins, check out our fantastic ranges in our our latest bathrooms brochure.

Basin Types

Standard Basins
This is the most common type of bathroom sink is a standard choice. These basins are available in a range of shapes and sizes including full pedestal, semi-pedestal and bottle trap.
Countertop Basins
This type of bathroom basins sits neatly on top of the furniture unit, making it easy to install.
Semi-Recessed Basins
Semi-recessed basins generally offer a deeper bowl and a stylish contrast between basin and worktop. Installation requires a furniture unit and worktop.
Vessel Basins
Vessel basins sit on top of the worktop and promote an exceptionally modern look. Complete the look with a tall basin mixer tap or a wall-mounted tap.

What Type of Taps Do You Prefer?

Matching your tap design to the rest of your bathroom can really give a complete high-quality finish.
If your bathroom has a traditional look, taps like those in the Crosswater MPRO range are a great choice for creating a timeless style.
If your bathroom is modern and contemporary, then matt black taps like those from the Roca Ona collection might be a perfect fit.
You’ll need to ensure that the tap you like can be fitted to your chosen basin, as some basins have only one hole for a mixer tap, whereas others have two holes for separate hot and cold taps. For further help with choosing the right type of taps, we’ve created a handy taps buyer’s guide.

Don’t Forget Your Basin Waste

Basin wastes are the small fittings that complete your choice of bathroom sink. You’ll need to select what waste you’d like for your new wash basin, whether a traditional plug, a clicker that you press in or out to hold or release water, or a flipper which spins 90 degrees to open and close.

Upgrade The Rest Of Your Bathroom Suite

Add a splash of colour to your new bathroom whilst creating extra storage options with furniture. We have a range of fitted and modular furniture options in modern and traditional styles, including compact solutions for small bathrooms. You can even customise your storage with our range of handles and worktops!
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