Bathroom tiles come in an array of shapes and sizes, and there are no hard and fast rules about what to choose, it’s really down to your personal preference. In this handy buyer’s guide, we help you make the right choice.

Choosing a type of tile - porcelain or ceramic?

When deciding between porcelain and ceramic tiles, it’s important to think about how much ‘traffic’ the bathroom will get - is it an ensuite used by two people, or a family bathroom? For bathrooms that will be used by lots of people, porcelain tiles could be the better choice as they are more durable and hard-wearing than ceramic tiles.

What style of bathroom tiles do you like?

Consider what style of tiles you would like to complete the look of your new bathroom. Timeless metro tiles with their bevelled edges are very on-trend. We have a range of metro, or ‘subway tiles’, in a variety of colours, so we’re sure you’ll find a tile to suit your new bathroom.
Perhaps you’re looking for a statement mosaic or patterned tile? Our exclusive One tile has a unique pattern that allows you to choose one of nine eye-catching designs. Speak to your local Showroom Manager to find out more.

Tile formats & layouts

There are a number of different ways to lay your tiles, and the pattern you choose can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your finished bathroom.
In a classic half bond or brick bond pattern the edge of one tile is in line with the centre of the tiles above and below. This is particularly suited to rectangular tiles such as metro tiles but is not recommended for tiles over 500mm in length.
For larger tiles we recommend fixing a ⅓ bond, where the edge of one tile is one third of the way along the tile on the row below. For a more trend-led look, consider tiling in a herringbone pattern, which looks great with small format tiles or wood effect planks.

Myth busting: ‘Don’t use large tiles in small rooms’!

It’s a common misconception that in a small bathroom you should use small tiles, when actually using larger tiles can help to make the space look bigger, especially in a light coloured tile. Alternatively, you can use tiles with a gloss finish, and have fewer grout lines to create a more seamless look.

How to measure for bathroom tiles

In order to know how many packs of bathroom tiles you need to buy, you’ll need to measure the area you’re going to tile in metres squared.
If you’re tiling a floor, measure the width and length and multiply them together. If you’re tiling a wall, you need to measure the width and height and then multiply them together. You’ll also need to measure the area of any windows, doors or obstructions and subtract from your total area. We always recommend you purchase 5-10% more tiles than you need to allow for any breakages.

Selecting the right grout and adhesive

When installing new tiles, it’s really important to ensure you have the right grout and adhesive. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing grout and adhesive, including what type of tiles you’re installing and what surface you’re installing them onto.
Always speak to your installer before buying grout or adhesive.

Free tile sampling service

Can’t decide which style to go for? Not to worry. Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we offer a free tile sampling service. Simply contact your local Showroom to order.