Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures, Shower Cubicles and Shower Doors

Are you creating a brand new bathroom from scratch? Making room for a shower enclosure as well as a bath is a great way to maximise space, add value to your home and make the morning bathroom routine more efficient and relaxed for the whole family. Or, perhaps you’re revamping a small guest bathroom, an en suite, or even a cloakroom and want to make the best use of the room and create a stylish space? We offer a wide range of shower cubicles to suit every bathroom’s shape and size – and your budget. It goes without saying, too, that we have a wide selection of shower trays and shower sets to complete the picture.

How to decide on a new shower enclosure

Consider your budget. We have three collections: 4mm glass, for quality on a budget; 6mm glass, for affordable design; and 8mm glass for exclusive design. The enclosure’s shape and size will need to suit your bathroom’s proportions, and you’ll have to allow enough space between it and the other bathroom furniture. Both framed and frameless designs are available, creating different effects, plus there’s a choice of shower door styles, including hinged, folding or sliding. Alternatively, a walk-in enclosure looks fuss-free and modern.

Add a new shower

You will need: tape measure, squared paper, pencil

  • Consider the shape of your bathroom. If there’s a natural place for the shower in an alcove, you can shop for a door and leave plenty of the floor area available for other fittings.

  • If you need more than a door, decide on a shape for the enclosure. Pick from square, rectangular, pentagonal and quadrant shapes. Remember that you need to achieve a balance between the area for showering inside the enclosure and its impact on the rest of the room, retaining the necessary space for each fitting and to move about. Check out pentagonal and quadrant enclosures if you want to find a solution to maximising space in the room and the shower.

  • Think about access to the enclosure. You will need a clear area to open a hinged door so it doesn’t knock into other fittings or someone standing at the basin, but it makes access to the shower easy. Pivot doors take up less space when they open, so are an option where space is more limited. For more compact bathrooms and en suites, look at sliding and in-fold doors – you won’t have to allow space for these to open into the room.

  • Choose between framed designs with visible framing for a classic, elegant look, and frameless options with maximum glass on show for a sleek contemporary finish.

  • Pick out tiles, bearing in mind that co-ordinating, large tiles in light, reflective colours on both floors and walls will make the shower room seem bigger.

  • Check out paint colours for the walls and ceiling, opting for finishes that can cope with high levels of condensation.
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