Choosing the right shower for you is imperative to achieving the bathroom or en-suite of your dreams. We have a wide selection available, from electric and digital showers, to concealed and exposed & bar valve showers.

Concealed Mixer Showers

This refers to the way the shower valve is mounted on the wall. A concealed valve has its working parts hidden behind the wall, and only the control levers are visible giving a clean, fresh look.

Exposed & Bar Valve Mixer Showers

Exposed valves are wall mounted on the shower wall. Bar valves are an exposed valve that takes both a hot and cold feed. Look out for great features like Cool touch, which means the valve doesn’t get hot.

Electric Showers

This type of shower is heated by passing cold water through an electric heating element

Digital Showers

Digital Showers use digital technology to operate temperature and flow. This can be via the shower, by a remote or a smartphone

Whether you want a full shower set or whether you are just replacing your shower head, we have a full selection of showers and parts available. We have everything you need to create your ideal shower.

How to select a Shower

Before you choose your shower, you may want to consider the following:

Check out the water system you have in your home. Would an electric shower that takes water from the mains supply suit your needs? Do you want a more powerful shower together with a pump? Speak to a qualified plumber it you’re not sure about your water system, or your boiler or hot water storage capacity

Decide on the position of your shower. If it’s separate, you’ll also need to choose an enclosure and shower tray. There’s a wide range of shapes on offer, so you can create the optimum floorplan for your room. If the shower is over the bath consider a screen to keep the water in the bath.

Consider the shower head or as it’s sometimes called ‘number of outlets’. Do you need one head or a combination? Do you need to be able to adjust the height of the shower depending on circumstances?

Is the shower going to be ceiling or rear fed? Ceiling fed showers are fed from and attached to the ceiling, whereas, rear fed showers are fed from and attached to the wall.

Finally, think about the style. What kind of statement do you want to make?

It’s always best to find a local installer to help fit a new shower and your local Showroom Manager is always happy to support you. Browse our range of showers online or visit your local Showroom

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