At we have a wide selection of toilets available to suit any bathroom suite. Whether you want a toilet unit, close coupled toilet, back-to-wall or wall hung toilet, we have a toilet suited to the room you need to help you create the bathroom you’ve always wanted. We have toilets to go with any sink, bath, shower enclosure, or bathroom. No matter what your project, from a small cloakroom to a family bathroom, we have the right toilet for you, perfect to refresh your bathroom, cloakroom, or en-suite.

Close Couples Toilets and Back-to-Wall Toilets

When decorating your bathroom, the toilet you choose can be pivotal in bringing the room together. With so many to choose from, you’ll find something to suit you in our collection. If you have a smaller bathroom we have more compact options available. Our collections of back-to-wall toilets are ideal for small spaces. We have both contemporary and traditional toilets available. Alternatively, if you are creating a minimalist style, then why not consider a modern, wall-hung toilet? Many of our toilets feature an eco-flush feature which gives the option of a variety of flush options for you to consider.

How to Select a Toilet

All our toilets are made from hard-wearing, premium materials for durability.

  • Decide on the position of the toilet. Bear in mind that most toilets have a P-trap, and need to exit through the back wall. Inspect the existing waste outlet if you’re fitting a new toilet in the same place as the old. This is so you can buy a compatible toilet. If you’re changing the layout, remember that the toilet needs to be connected to the soil pipe. Seek professional advice as necessary – we have a sales team who are always happy to help.
  • Consider whether you need a classic or contemporary design for the toilet. You also need to consider whether you’d like floor standing, or wall hung. Do you want the pipework and cistern to be hidden?
  • Think about the shape of the toilet seat. Rounder designs won’t project as far so may fit your room better, but an oval may make for improved comfort if you have the floor space.
  • Factor in the accessories you may need to buy to go with your toilet. This includes floor fixing kits, cisterns for back-to-wall and wall hung toilets, and frames for wall hung toilets.

No matter what your bathroom is like, we have a toilet for you. We offer free delivery on orders over £349, with a minimum 10% discount for traders.

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