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Dudley Hydroflo Brass Tail Delay Fill S.I. Inlet Valve 324298

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The Thomas Dudley Hydroflo 324298 is a side inlet float valve with a water-saving delay fill feature and a professional brass tail. The delay fill technology conserves water by allowing the cistern to refill only once flushing is complete. The sturdy, professional brass tail is perfectly suited for retrofitting purposes, particularly those involving existing brass pipework. The Hydroflo has passed over 200,000 cycle endurance tests, thus fulfilling the requirements of BS1212 Part 4. Every valve is 100% tested before being released from the factory. By having two built in backflow prevention devices, the Hydroflo keeps your water clean and safe. This is achieved through a special membrane inside the head of the valve and an air break above the silence tube. This prevents any bacteria that might exist in the cistern from flowing into the mains supply.
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