Shower Trays

Shower trays perform a highly functional role in the bathroom although the choice of shower base isn’t as simple as picking the shape that matches your enclosure.

The two most common forms of shower tray on the market are stone-resin and acrylic. Stone-resin shower trays are made from a mixture of crushed stone and a resin based glue meaning they are particularly robust thereby providing a solid foundation with additional weight (making them more difficult to install but potentially longer lasting). Acrylic trays, as the name suggests, are made from Acrylic which historically compromised the shower trays stability but technological advances mean such shower trays are now as sturdy as their stone-resin equivalent.

The other consideration is between a more functional high stone or acrylic easy plumb shower tray or a design led low profile shower base. If you are able run your waste outlet through the floor or floor boards the low stone or acrylic option would be the right choice as this provides a ultra-modern design with a small step up upon entry. The high easy plumb trays provide a cavity space inside the tray to allow both the waste and the waste pipe to exit (the waste pipe can then be fed through the side of the tray and out through the bathroom wall). These designs are particularly popular with customers who have concrete floors or difficult access space due to joist position.

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