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Your products virtually everywhere

Bathrooms.com and Sayduck launches a first-of-its-kind, free iPad or iPhone application that lets shoppers virtually visualise objects in their homes from any angle, providing the obvious benefits of seeing how our products look in your home and fit your existing decor.

Download 'Bathrooms.com' from the App Store and print off your product marker.

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How to get started

1. Download the App

Download and install the free Bathrooms.com app from the App Store, on your iPad or iPhone. Download for iOS devices.


2. Print tracking marker

Print out the tracking marker either on A4 or A3, black & white or colour prints. For the best user experience we recommend that you print A3 colour.


PLEASE NOTE: If you print the A3 marker on an A4 printer, then the scale of the products will be incorrect. Please download the correct marker to match your available printer. For best results print on A3. If you are unable to print a marker, please email us with your full name and postal address and we will send you a tracking marker.
Email: sales@bathrooms.com

Using the App

Open the app and point your device at the marker. Place the marker where you want to see the Bathrooms.com products.

Choose your products

Choose your products from the easy to use category menu.
Simply tap on the tabs to navigate your way through the categories.

View your products

Enjoy the product from every angle — just walk around!

Swap your products

Swipe to change the product or use our category search to see more. Simply tap our furniture products to see the choice of colours.

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