If your bathroom doesn't offer much in the way of room, you may need to look for a basin that works within a tight space. From downstairs cloakrooms to ensuites or just small-size bathrooms, not every bathroom has ample space to work with. 
However, small but perfectly formed bathrooms should never have to compromise on style and this is especially so when it comes to their basin choices. Here, The Bathroom Showroom offers several small basin styles that give you plenty of scope for bathroom inspiration, regardless of your room's limitations.

Small Bathroom Designs Need Clever Basin Designs

In a small bathroom, it’s crucial to select a basin choice that promotes space-saving qualities. Many basins that work in such confined spaces are also referred to as cloakroom basins, washbasins, and mini basins. Though these designs vary, their primary goal is to ensure a narrower design and one that is reduced in width than a standard bathroom basin. This way, you can maximise every inch of your smaller bathroom without creating a claustrophobic feel for those using this space.
  • Compact Basins
Compact basins offer all benefits of a standard-sized basin but at a greatly reduced size. These types usually alienate the need for pedestals and therefore offer just one central tap hole. This ensures they can work with a mixer tap, rather than needing two separate hot and cold taps. 
A compact wash basin, like that from the VitrA Integra Collection, is a practical cloakroom option. Making use of just one tap in its design, this basin has just a 220 mm depth and low profile which makes it ideal where space is limited. 
The Roca Meridian-N Compact range also boasts a fabulous cloakroom basin. Offering the smallest dimensions of 250 mm in depth, and the largest option at 320 mm, these are compact projection designs that also utilise one tap.
  • Clever Corner Basins
Corner basin designs utilise a small bathroom space to the fullest as they make full use of the room's dimensions. Often, the corners of our bathrooms are overlooked and therefore left unused. Yet, a corner basin can take advantage of this wasted space in full while adding a fabulous talking point to the room.
The Roca Dama-N suite has a modern corner basin with 1 tap hole. With minimalist measurements of just 180 (w) x 300 (h) x 250 mm (d), this is a striking design that really makes the most of the available space. 
The Roca The Gap collection also offers a corner basin choice measuring 480 (w) x 170 (h) x 480 mm (d). With one tap hole, this is also a simple but striking corner design that makes an effortless addition to any small bathroom.
  • Wall Hung Basins
Wall-hung basins are increasingly popular basin choices for modern bathroom designs as they create a most spectacular look. By hanging your basin from the wall, you encourage a sense of space underneath, thus allowing the room to flow and appear bigger than it actually is. What’s more, wall-hung basins can provide a free space underneath for placing storage solutions, effectively making this a completely practical area of the room. 
Roca Mini wall-hung basins are one-tap-hole basins that offer a contemporary and unique square design. Furthermore, these basin types are available in a selection of sizes to suit. All featuring a depth of 460 mm and a height of 175 mm, Roca Mini wall-hung basins offer 600, 800, and 1000 mm width choices.

There’s a Small Basin for Every Small Bathroom Design

Having a small bathroom space does not have to mean compromising on a great-looking basin choice. With some of the best compact style basins available, small basins, like those mentioned above, are fabulously detailed and sharp-looking designs that help set the perfect tone for beautiful small bathrooms. By selecting a minimalist but immensely practical small basin, you can be assured of making a strong impact in a small space. 
If you’re considering adding a small basin, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.