Size isn't everything. Many of us have small bathrooms in our homes but, with a bit of creative furnishing, we can all ensure that they are a joy to use. The following pieces of furniture could help to turn your modest bathroom into a beautiful, multipurpose space.

1. Mirror unit

A well-placed mirror unit can provide more than just a practical tool to look into while you brush your teeth. They subtly add extra storage in your bathroom where you need it most. All those little bottles and boxes can be hidden away, leaving your bathroom feeling blissfully uncluttered. Plus they're wall-hung, so you're making extra use of the vertical space in your room - a clever interior design trick that squeezes in extra functionality, without using up valuable floor space.

Concealed storage

For mirror unit inspiration, check out the stunning concealed storage options in iflo's Teramo range. Unlike standard medicine cabinets, the storage in these mirrors comes from pull-out drawers on either side of the mirror - a stylish, and secretive, alternative to hinged doors.

2. Artwork

A vivid print, an unusual sculpture, or an inspiring piece of photography will all add extra intrigue to the potentially enclosed feel of a small bathroom. Introduce artwork to give your space some depth of character. Used correctly, artwork could make your bathroom feel larger than it is - murals that play with perspective can make even the tiniest water closet feel grand and spacious.

3. Plants

The natural colours provided by greenery can turn a clinical-looking lavatory into a lush, inviting space. Place nice, potted plants on top of wall units, or choose a statement floor planter to bring calming, tranquil vibes into your small bathroom.

4. Wall-hung furniture

The right combination of wall-hung furniture can pack an ample amount of stylish storage into a small bathroom, without using up any floor space whatsoever. Flexible construction is key - invest in a range of units that complement one another, and provide you with different placement options to suit the available wall space in your room.

Varying shapes and sizes

The Aliano range, for example, includes a variety of modular units of varying shapes and sizes. These can be placed in different configurations to fit around other features in your bathroom, while giving you reliable access to all the things you need.

5. Wooden Crates

You know the ones - rustic looking, sturdy crates that shops use to make their merchandise look extra appealing. Grab a few of these for storage in your bathroom, and you'll benefit from the same alluring, woody aesthetic in your home. These multi-purpose boxes could be filled with fluffy white towels, toiletries that won't fit in your drawers, or useful items, like toilet rolls, and cleaning essentials.

6. Vanity unit

You may only have a small space to work with, but you needn't skimp on the sink. There are a variety of beautiful basins out there, specifically designed to fit into small bathrooms.
Vanity units are among the trendiest, and most functional of the bunch. They elegantly combine the essential plumbing components of a stand-alone sink, with additional storage where you can tuck away loose items.

Pretty and practical

iflo has a variety of vanities, including the super compact Trapini. These come in a range of striking finishes to match your preferred decorative style, with valuable little details like soft close hinges, and concealed fixings, making them easy to use and maintain.

7. Bookcase

Let's face it: some of us like a bit of reading material when we're chilling out in the bathroom. In fact, many trendy boutique hotels include books in their ensuites to make their accommodation feel like a home away from home.
If the thought of bathroom literature fills you with glee, indulge that passion by bringing a small bookshelf into the space. Tucked away in an otherwise unused corner, this is an ingenious way to make your little bathroom feel like a relaxed hideaway. The Aliano rotating unit would be a perfect bookcase and storage combination, allowing for convenient access and featuring a stylish design.

8. Wet room

Take away the door and surrounding unit of a shower, and your small bathroom becomes a luxurious open plan wet room. Of course, it isn't quite that simple - all wet rooms need a wet floor or tray to work correctly - but this is nothing that iflo's Kalhatti or Edessa wet rooms can't provide.
With power shower-tested safety glass panels, and professionally-tested installation kits available, wet rooms are no longer the sole domain of extravagant mansions. Anyone can have one in their home.

9. Showerbath

A classic bit of hybrid furniture design, shower baths have become a staple of small bathrooms for their versatile functionality. Nowadays, there are more options than ever to ensure that your showerbath is both a useful, and eye-catching addition to your space. You could even use a stunning bath screen to make a visual impact with your showerbath; opting for frameless elegance means your bathroom gains a leak free, power shower-tested piece, with innovative glass-to-glass sealing.

10. Travel mementos

Pebbles, shells, and driftwood from an exotic beach; nostalgic knick-knacks from a foreign market; photos of epic landscapes you've visited. These items don't take up much space, but will fill your bathroom with pleasant reminders of adventure, perhaps inspiring you to plan your next exciting journey while you're daydreaming in the tub.
If you would like more ideas on how to make your compact bathroom fit your perfect style, or give a sense of a larger space, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts, or pop into your nearest Bathroom Showroom.