When adding impact to your bathroom, patterned tiles are the perfect addition. A superb way of transforming this space, both patterned wall and floor tiles can give this room an instant upgrade. 
Offering the freedom to create a unique design, patterned tiles boast vast distinctive shapes and colours. Emphasising sections, creating focal pieces, or dividing the room into zones, patterned tile choices can become a talking point. 
The Bathroom Showroom highlights some of our most sought-after patterned bathroom tiles that combine purpose with a statement.

Are Patterned Tiles Still in Style?

Bathroom patterned tiles have never been more popular! Always on-trend, patterned tiles offer an array of colours, patterns, and layouts. What’s more, tile trends showcase patterned tiles for both walls and floors as the most sought-after bathroom choices. From modern and contemporary bathroom spaces to traditional styles, there's a guaranteed patterned tile type for all bathroom designs. 

What Is the Most Popular Patterned Tile?

With the power to add the wow factor, many patterned tiles for the bathroom replicate stunning works of art! So, we’re currently seeing tiles trending, such as Soleil, Antigua, Melody, Confetti, and One. Best of all, whether you’re looking for patterned bathroom floor tiles or patterned bathroom wall tiles, every one of these tile collections mentioned can be used for either.

Patterned Bathroom Tiles for Sale at The Bathroom Showroom 

1. Soleil
One of our top tiles and a most on-trend design, Soleil tiles are undeniably the most spectacular choice. A beautiful collection, Soleil tiles offer a variety of patterns allowing them to be laid in a variety of ways. They also come in a choice of four gorgeous colours, including Sea Blue Matt, Mint Matt, Grey Matt, and Rose Matt. Constructed using a matted glazed ceramic, the Soleil tile collection is suitable for both walls and floors thanks to its inclusion of durable vitrified ceramic.
2. Antigua
Tile patterns for bathrooms don't come any more versatile than those from the glorious Antigua collection. Perfectly on trend and available in grey or blue matt patchwork, these are patterned ceramic tiles suitable for both floor and wall installation. Better still, with 16 different tile designs, you can happily create unique patterns. Perfect for feature floors and walls, Antigua tiles are designed for laying in a random patchwork effect to ensure individuality. Yet, you can also corporate co-ordinated plain white tiles to add further interest and complete the look.
3. Melody
If you're looking for floral tiles for the bathroom, the Melody tile collection offers a spectacular statement choice. Yet another on-trend tile, Melody is a modern-Victorian style boasting monochrome shades teamed with pops of blue. The result is a visually stunning and striking statement tile that stands out on both bathroom walls and floors. Utilising a glazed finish, the Melody tile collection benefits immensely from durable verified ceramic. What’s more, Melody tiles offer ample design opportunities to mix and match with further glazed tiles, keeping this tile choice fresh and updated long-term.

4. Confetti

For bathroom tile patterns that make a subtle statement, our highly sought after tile collection, Confetti, is an absolutely delightful style. Fully on-trend, this is a terrazzo style that boasts subtle flecks of colour throughout. Perfect for making a quiet statement in the bathroom, Confetti tiles are multi-coloured glazed porcelain choices constructed to the highest quality. Ideal for those homes that are looking to add just a little bit of pattern to their tiles, Confetti tiles can be used on walls and floors. These tiles are also ideal as white patterned bathroom tiles and for mixing and matching with glazed accent tiles to seal the look.
5. One
Last but by no means least on our list of on-trend patterned tiles is the highly sought-after One collection. A special design that’s perfect for creating feature walls or floors in the bathroom, One tiles provide no less than nine different patterns to choose from. This means you can select the most unique style to suit your design preferences, and all from one tile! Boasting commercial grade anti-slip properties, One tiles are white matt porcelain choices that can be further coordinated with plain or coloured tiles to complete the look. Or, if you’re looking for more unique styling tips, why not consider mixing and matching One tiles with our Confetti range for maximum visual impact?

Bathroom Patterned Tiles Effortlessly Add The Wow Factor To Any Bathroom Design

Whether you're contrasting, zoning, mixing and matching, making a statement, or experimenting with shape, patterned tile trends are here to stay. A fabulous way of adding impact to this space, patterned tiles in the bathroom can effortlessly help give your bathroom that much-needed wow factor.
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If you’re considering adding patterned tiles to your bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.