Modern Bathroom Design: 5 Ways To Make Your Bath The Centre Of Attention

Published: 21st Feb 2022Read Time: 5 min

Bathrooms are no longer just a practical necessity in the home. A well-renovated bathroom can also be a blissful domestic sanctuary, providing a much-needed escape after a stressful day at work, or a relaxing haven to kick back in when you've been on your feet on day. No item exudes this concept of pure relaxation quite like the bath itself. So how can you make sure that your tranquil tub remains the focal point of your bathroom? Here are a few suggestions to make your bath the star of the show.

1. Turn heads with your taps

Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. For example, you may not have given much thought to your bath taps, but when someone has taken the time to choose a set that perfectly encapsulate the overall aesthetic and mood of their space, it's difficult not to notice. Whatever style of bath you have, the right set of taps can give it a sense of completion and, matched with other appropriately chosen features, provide a characteristic signature to your bathing space.
Don't be fooled into thinking an attractive set of taps means you have to sacrifice on quality: they should always function efficiently whilst retaining their eye-catching look for years to come. From stately, traditional bath taps, to perfectly polished contemporary faucets, and intriguingly unconventional designs like iflo's Waterscade Bath Mixer Tap, equipping your bath with a gorgeous set of taps has never been easier.

2. Choose a freestanding bath

Not all bathrooms have enough floor space to house a freestanding bath. No matter how much you love the look of an elegant bathtub taking pride of place in the centre of your bathroom, it simply isn't going to have the same effect if it's tucked away in a tiny water closet. Yet for those who are blessed with the luxury of space, opting for an impressive freestanding unit is one of the most effective ways to give your bathroom an attractive and functional focal point. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary designs, browsing through our selection of freestanding baths will give you an idea of the transformative potential a freestanding bath could have in your home.

3. Highlight with colour

Using colour to make your bath pop doesn't mean choosing a garishly hued tub. There are far more affordable and less risky ways of utilising colour to highlight your bathing area. Choosing accessories in an accent colour and placing them strategically around the room has the potential to liven up a monotone room. Experimenting with these small splashes of colour can create a surprisingly bold effect, while simultaneously giving you the flexibility to make quick, affordable changes if your preferences change. Stick to one colour, or a coordinating palette to really make a statement.

4. Stay consistent with design

While it sounds obvious, remaining faithful to your original design ideas is one of the best ways to guide eyes on an appealing journey around your bathroom. All too often, people get carried away with the possibilities afforded by modern renovations, haphazardly clashing different styles together and failing to effectively capture any one look or feeling within the space.
If you want your bath to be noticed for the right reasons, make sure it's an appropriate style for the style of room you're going for. For example, a charming period-inspired bathtub is perfect for traditionally decorated rooms, whereas a minimalist bold contemporary bath may be suitable for more modern styles.

5. Create a natural look for plants

If you prefer a unfussy bathroom that lets the modern functionality of your suite do the talking, don't let it become cold or sterile by forgetting to inject some life into the space.
One easy way of doing this is to invite a few plants into the room. There's something instantly comforting about the natural shades of greenery in the home; the presence of plants has even been proven to enhance happiness and wellbeing. So, to give the understated bath in your minimalist room pride of place, consider dotting a few beautiful plants around it.
Add one of these sleek, functional backdrops to your bath, and it's bound to draw the eye of every person using your bathroom. As a bonus, they're much easier to keep clean, so you'll spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your bathing time.
Inspired to get creative with your bath but not sure which style will suit your bathroom best? Browse our range online or visit your local Bathroom Showroom.